Enemy of the State
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2 15 127 Minutes 2.35:1 Anamorphic PAL 1 2
English Dolby Digital 5.1

Big Brother

Okay, Enemy of the State is a Big Brother film. Inadvertently involved in a political murder, by virtue of being handed, without his knowledge, the evidence to prove that it was an NSA operative who killed a politician of some standing, Will Smith finds himself on the run from the NSA, using the best surveillance equipment money can buy. Gene Hackman proves to be the man who can help him as Will Smith's world collapses around him and he finds himself tracked everywhere he goes by copter, satellite and, occasionally, line of sight. Hell, this one is scary. Of course, regardless of this wonderful technology, they still rely on a couple of hitmen to remove Smith, before he does whatever he was probably going to do with the information.

Okay, a movie about conspiracy theories, the government's power of surveillance and high tech computers that still shows computers acting in ways that they would not normally be seen doing. Look at the scene where Hackman enters the NSA files, what the hell type of interface is that, all flying pictures and text. It's a world where the most powerful systems in the world are not powered by Microsoft, nor do they follow any of the conventions associated with modern computing; they are hi-tech after all. The technology they do use, satellites that can track you 155 miles above the ground with pinpoint accuracy, down to telling you what watch you wear, agents who can listen to your phone conversations, filtering them out from the thousands around you, and bugs and devices so precise that they can track you wherever you go, regardless of where that is, is a frightening prospect, made all the more frightening, in this film, by some superb directing, a stunning car chase, and some superb acting from Will Smith and Gene Hackman.

Will Smith in Good Film Shocker

Kudos to Smith who acts, instead of playing the fool. He's accompanied by the ever superb Gene Hackman as an ex-NSA employee who provides information to those requiring it, and ends up involved with Smith through no fault of his own. The supporting cast is superb, featuring faces that you will and won't recognise, all of whom put in a fantastic performance. Jon Voight as theh head of the NSA task force, is superbly calculating, deploying men and machinery with such cool that you would think he was made for the job, far better than the portrayal of his character in Mission: Impossible.

And, Now it's Downhill

Let's take a look at the disk itself. Was it just me, or was there occasional artifacting. It could be me, honest. Err, the picture is sharp, as you'd expect and the sound is good, lots of rumblings with those copters and explosions.

And the extras. Wooo, you too can select which scene you wish to watch. Impress your friends by the ability to change the language, or turn subtitles on and off. Explore the wonder of the root menu. Yes, this disc contains no extras. Just thank god the film is good.


I like the film. It's got everything I like and it actually kept me watching it. From the start right through to the end, it does nothing but twist and turn leaving you feeling uncomfortable at the messages it sends you.

Despite the lack of extras, its a superb film. If you don't wanna get it on DVD, get it on VHS - but that said, why wouldn't you want it on DVD!

Dave Adamson

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Buena Vista/Warner

Tony Scott

Will Smith
Gene Hackman
Jon Voight

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