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Sofia's Last Ambulance (Poslednata lineika na Sofia)

An intense, up-close documentary from Second Run about a trio of Bulgarian medical workers

Charlie's Country

De Heer and Gulpilil again, in the award-winning Charlie's Country.

The Tracker

Australia Day continues with this Outback western, directed by Rolf de Heer and starring David Gulpilil.

The Picture Show Man

Australia Day continues with this 1977 comedy-drama, reviewed in tribute to Rod Taylor, who died recently.

Milk the Maid

Busty angelic maid saves a troubled Japanese family in the sexiest way she knows how, in Pink Eiga's...

Prison Girl

Kev checks out one of the latest titles from Pink Eiga: a film which blurs the lines between fantasy...

Breaking the Waves

Lars Von Trier's Scottish-set drama, with an Oscar-nominated performance from Emily Watson, reissued by Artificial Eye.

A Gorgeous Girl Like Me (Une belle fille comme moi)

The life and times of a femme fatale, in this black comedy directed by François Truffaut....

Anne and Muriel (Two English Girls) (Deux anglaises et le continent)

A man is involved with two sisters in one of Truffaut's best films, released by Artificial Eye....

Bed and Board (Domicile conjugal)

Truffaut returns to Antoine Doinel a third time in Bed and Board, reissued by Artificial Eye....

A Jester's Tale (Blaznova kronika)

Second Run DVD welcomes a delightful mixture of live-action and animation from Czech director Karel Zeman


Minority Report meets Se7en in this futuristic SF detective anime thriller...

A Midsummer Night's Dream

...or 'How to go about making an ass of yourself'

Blue Exorcist: The Movie

The student spawn of Satan is back in this movie sequel to the Blue Exorcist series...

Jules et Jim

François Truffaut's classic bittersweet love story is released on disc by Artificial Eye....

Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess

It's business as usual in the first Fairy Tail movie...

Shoot the Pianist (Tirez sur le pianiste)

Film noir goes New Wave in Truffaut's second feature, the first of twelve released by Artificial Eye...


The Globe's nerve-shattering 2013 production of Macbeth comes to DVD.

Jormungand - Complete Season 1

You can tell it's going to be a dark, violent anime series when the arms dealers are the good guys...

The Battery

In a land ravaged by the undead, Ben and Mickey must learn to survive each other......

Video Nasties: The Definitive Guide Part 2

An overview of the Draconian Days of the 80s and 90s, essential viewing for horror fans.

The Tempest

Weather conditions play their part in the Globe's 2013 production of The Tempest.

Child's Pose

The latest from Zeitgeist Films is a Romanian drama which won the Golden Bear in Berlin

Man of Marble

A masterpiece of Polish cinema from Andrzej Wajda that still feels remarkably vital...

Only the Young & Tchoupitoulas

A youth-centric pair of docs from O-scope are dusted off and reviewed...