Watch 'The Belko Experiment' Claymation Clips

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  • 15:30 on 7th Apr 2017
  • By Steven SheehanSteven Sheehan

Everyone loves a bit of Aardman. But have you ever wanted a little bit more blood, guts and Cronenberg style exploding heads in your claymation? Of course you have. It's what the world is missing. Foolish of me to even ask.

Meet Lee Hardcastle. His claymation work has a little bit more edge than the average Walllace & Gromit and gets even darker than the Laika studio tends to. He has worked on projects like The ABCs of Death, Adult Swim, produced over a dozen of his own shorts and has been working on his debut feature Spook Train for the past couple of years.

Below we've got three exclusive clips of his work, ahead of the release of The Belko Experiment in UK cinemas on 21 April.


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