Watch the evolution of SFX with this video of every Visual Effects Oscar winner since 1927...

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  • 12:32 on 13th Feb 2017
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Visual effects are probably one of the most obvious things that you first notice when watching a film - so to see how they've evolved over the last 90 years is fascinating.

Starting with 1927's Wings which received a special award for what was then referred to as 'Engineering Effects' then on to Spawn of the North (1938), the first winner of the Academy Award for Special Effects and then on to the debut of the Visual Effects award in 1963 which was awarded to Cleopatra.

The most recent winner was the stunning Ex Machina (2015) and we're now waiting to see who'll be picking up this year's award - the nominees for which round off this great video...

If you want another bonus and some more gorgeous cinematic footage then Burger Fiction have also put together a matching video for Cinematography award winners...

Source: Burger Fiction / YouTube


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