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1st September 2014 18:00:00
Posted by Gary Couzens

Lilting on Blu-ray and DVD 29 September


The opening film of this year’s London LGBT Film Festival, Lilting tells the moving story of a Cambodian-Chinese mother mourning the untimely death of her son. Her world is disrupted further by the appearance of his ex-partner (Ben Whishaw) and we observe their difficulties in trying to connect with one another without a common language. Through a translator they piece together memories of a man they both loved dearly and realise that while they may not share a language, they are connected in their grief.

A touching, intimate film about love, loss, communication and culture, Lilting features rousing performances from its leads Ben Whishaw and Cheng Pei Pei and has announced director Hong Khaou as a brave new voice in independent British cinema.

Extras: Trailer, interviews with cast, deleted scene, featurette
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