Rian Johnson to WRITE and DIRECT Star Wars: Episode VIII


Big news leaking out today that Looper Director, Rian Johnson, is to direct Star Wars: Episode VIII. Not only that, we're also hearing suggestions that he's to write a treatment for the final installment of the third trilogy too.

Johnson has yet to put a foot wrong - both Brick and Looper are fantastic films with some great ideas so if the rumours are true this is a very good thing for the franchise.

Of course, that would also mean that JJ Abrams is only on board for one film - we had expected him to direct more than one Star Wars film having jumped ship from Star Trek so we're still categorizing this as a rumour for now.

It'll be interesting to see whether confirmation or denial of this rumour comes out of the Disney or Lucasfilm camps any time soon. Johnson himself has yet to make any statement other than to post the following video on Twitter. At least he appears to have a sense of humour about what he's taking on!

Source: Deadline


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