TDF Film Podcast 28 - Monsters

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  • 04:10 on 24th Mar 2014
  • By Matt ShingletonMatt Shingleton

Celebrating our favourite city stompers.

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You canít beat a monster thatís oversized, mildly annoyed, and let loose on overpopulated areas full of high-rise buildings - and if it then manages to trample a group of vapid twenty-something yuppies then as far as weíre concerned here on the TDF Film Podcast team, it deserves a bloominí medal! In our 28th episode we take a look at three very different monsters & their movies, spanning 75yrs and two continents between them.

Mikeís pick is the grand-daddy of all city-worrying beasties: King Kong, a monster movie so beloved and seminal that itís been remade twice. Next up is perhaps the most famous of the fire-breathing intergalactic space turtles: Gamera, a Godzilla rip-off thatís been resurrected and re-imagined with a great deal of care and affection over the years despite its hokey origins, so weíll let John explain why itís a firm favourite amongst Kaiju fans! From 1960s Japan we move all the way to post-9/11 New York in Cloverfield, a monster who is certainly deserving of that aforementioned medal in my books, but Robís even more enthusiastic about the creature and film so heíll be covering that!

Episode 28 contributors: John White (host), Mike Sutton, and Rob Bayley

Trailers for the titles in the spotlight:

King Kong



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