Terminator: Genesis has its Kyle Reese

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  • 13:00 on 20th Feb 2014
  • By Katie WongKatie Wong

Jai Courtney, star of action sequel A Good Day to Die Hard, has been cast as Kyle Reese in the upcoming Terminator: Genesis.

Courtney will join Emilia Clark and Jason Clarke, who will play Sarah and John Connor respectively, in the reboot of the original directed by James Cameron 20 years ago. The film is to be directed by Alan Taylor, director of Thor: The Dark World.

Bankruptcy problems halted initial production of a fifth Terminator film in 2009, but after the franchise rights were successfully bought and the new film bouncing between reboot and sequel, it finally looks like the Terminator will be back with a scheduled release in June 2015 and the irreplaceable Arnold Schwarzenegger in tow.

Source: Empire


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