Zaytoun in April


Artificial Eye have announced the DVD release of Eran Riklis ZAYTOUN on April 8th 2013.

Beirut 1982: the First Lebanon War is in full force as the Israeli army clashes with PLO militants and Syrian and Lebanese forces. Living among the rubble and unexploded shells is Fahed, a young Palestinian boy who has recently lost his father in an air raid. When he captures Yoni (Stephen Dorff), an Israeli pilot shot down over his town, Fahed seizes the opportunity to use his prisoner as a way to get back into Israel and visit the town where his grandfather once lived. On the journey the two must overcome bitter differences if they are to survive and a tenuous friendship slowly begins to take root amid the barren debris of war

Powerful, moving and utterly compelling, ZAYTOUN is a modern classic of the war genre from the award-winning director of Lemon Tree and the award-winning producer of The Kings Speech.


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