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27th February 2013 15:00:00
Posted by Anthony Nield

Lake Placid: The Final Chapter in March

From the press release...

Horror icon Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Yancy Butler (Kick Ass) and Elisabeth Röhm (TV’s Heroes) battle the most bloodthirsty monster crocodiles on earth in the final instalment of the Lake Placid franchise. LAKE PLACID: THE FINAL CHAPTER debuts on DVD March 25 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

The crocs are back... and they're bigger, badder and more brutal than ever. After the deadly predators' last vicious attack, the government prevented their extermination. Sealed away in a nature preserve, they've been growing to record size, awaiting their next chance to feast on human flesh. Now, when a high school swim team takes a wrong turn directly into the crocs hunting grounds... dinner is served. As the teens race to avoid the hungry reptiles, they become caught in a showdown between a rogue game warden (Butler) and a demented poacher (Englund). It's the last serving of hysterical horror in a finale that shows terror is best served raw.

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