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5th February 2013 14:00:00
Posted by Anthony Nield

I Didn't Come Here to Die in April

Dubbed “one of the best horror film debuts since Sam Raimi unleashed The Evil Dead” by Bloodydisgusting.com and “outrageously awesome” by Aintitcool.com, I Didn’t Come Here To Die makes its DVD debut in the UK courtesy of Second Sight Films.

Written and directed by Bradley Scott Sullivan, here making his feature debut, and starring a cast of fresh young talent including Indiana Adams (Friday Night Lights), Kurt Cole (Up & Down) Madi Goff (A Thousand Cuts) and Travis Scott Newman (Live Fast Die Young), this sharp US horror, about six young volunteers who set up camp in the middle of nowhere to work on a humanitarian project, will be released on DVD on 15 April 2013.

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