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Following this week's re-design and the new 'Film' name, plus the fact we have a growing Television section on The Digital Fix, it no longer makes sense to post TV on DVD news and reviews here. This is obviously quite a big change as many of our regular visitors will be familiar with our reviews of Doctor Who restoration project releases, and we also post semi-regular reviews for other classic British TV series from Network DVD.

Those reviews will still be posted, only now they will appear in the Television section. To ease the transition I will continue to post links to any TV on DVD content on our @FilmDigitalFix twitter feed.

And for those wondering about our even less regular Anime TV series reviews, well, we're still not entirely sure about those but chances are they too will be placed in the Television section of the site. Once again though, any content from the Film team posted in the Television section will be featured on our twitter feed.

The first TV on DVD review to appear in the Television section is Monday's release of Who Pays the Ferryman?. Les Anderson reviews this BBC drama series from 1977 which has been restored for DVD release by Eureka Video.


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