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Temuera Morrison to lead Gareth Edwards Star Wars flick

Jango Fett actor lined up for spin-off... Who COULD he be playing?

Poster and trailer for Studio Ghibli's 'When Marnie Was There'

The promo train for Ghibli's upcoming 'When Marnie Was There' has left the station......

Poster for The Inbetweeners 2 revealed

We think of you all as our Fwiends, so here's a look at the new Inbetweeners 2 poster.

Star Wars spin-off updates

Writers, directors and locations all coming together for two of the three confirmed spin-offs...

Secret Cinema presents Back To The Future!

Back To The Future like you've never experienced before......

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DVD and Blu-ray Roundup - 31st March 2014

Sex, comedies and communism in today's roundup.

BFI to release new Blu-ray edition of Seven Samurai in April

60th Anniversary special edition release coming in April.

Ben Wheatley announces High-Rise

Tackling JG Ballard AND he's brought Tom Hiddleston along for the ride...

Breaking News: Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead

Oscar-winning actor found dead in New York

Catching Fire on 17th March

Katniss is back...

A revitalised Umbrellas of Cherbourg coming to DVD and Blu-ray

Classic French New Wave just in time for Valentine's Day

Blue Jasmine coming to DVD, Blu-ray and download in February

Woody Allen comedy gets a relatively bare-bones release

First image from Guardians of the Galaxy released

Marvel's OTHER superhero line-up revealed...

Neil Gaiman's Sandman coming to the big screen

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and David S. Goyer behind the adaptation

The Monday Bargain - Star Wars Episodes I-VI on Blu-ray for just Ł37.75

We've spotted a great deal over on Amazon.co.uk - the complete Star Wars Saga (so far!) on Blu-ray f...

Mister John getting a February DVD release

Christine Molloy and Joe Lawler's drama coming to DVD soon.

What Maisie Knew coming to UK DVD and Blu-ray in January

Indie drama heading to disc in the new year.

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