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Fox Home Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 6 for May 12th 2003 with a retail price of £79.99. This six-disc box set will contain all 22-episodes from Season 6 presented in 1.78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen with DD2.0 Audio and a range of subtitle options (English for the hard of hearing, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish). Here is the list of episodes and bonus materials present across the six discs...

Disc 1
Bargaining (Double episode)
After Life
Commentary for Bargaining by Marti Noxon and David Fury

Disc 2
Life Serial
All The Way
Once More With Feeling
Tabula Rasa
Commentary for Once More With Feeling by Joss Whedon
Three Karaoke sing-alongs:
1) I’ve Got a Theory/Bunnies/We’re Together, 2) I’ll Never Tell, 3) Walk Through The Fire
Behind the scenes featurette for One More With Feeling
Easter egg: Newswrap – Once More With Feeling tower signing

Disc 3
Commentary for Smashed by Drew Z. Greenberg
Academy of TV Arts and Sciences Panal Discussion
Eight Trailers:
1) Buffy Season 2 DVD, 2) Buffy Season 3 DVD, 3) Buffy Season 4 DVD, 4) Buffy Season 5 DVD, 5) Angel Season 1 DVD, 6) Angel Season 2 DVD, 7) Angel Season 3 DVD, 8) Buffy The Vampire Slayer Feature

Disc 4
Doublemeat Palace
Dead Things
Older and Far Away
As You Were
Behind the Scenes Featurette – Buffy Goes To Work
Easter egg: ROM content

Disc 5
Hell’s Bell’s
Normal Again
Seeing Red
Commentary for Hell’s Bells by David Solomon and Rebecca Rand Kirshner
Commentary for Normal Again by Rick Rosenthal and Diego Gutierrez

Disc 6
Two To Go
Commentary for Grave by James Contner and David Fury
Featurette: Season 6 Overview – Life Is The Big Bad
Featurette: A&E Tvography
Outtakes reel

Here is a look at the box art and some further details taken from the Press Release...

Packed with exclusive extras including commentaries, Season Six Overview and Easter Eggs, this DVD boxset really kicks ass! The series is on 6 discs and includes the infamous musical episode ‘Once More With Feeling’! In this fun-filled pack, not only can you sing along with the characters throughout the episode, but fans can also go and grab a microphone, as disc two also includes three ‘sing-a-long’ karaoke extras!

Get ready for the Scooby gang to go through some drastic changes in this vampishly compelling series. Back from Heaven, Buffy finds out that living and actually feeling are two very separate things. She cannot feel pain, hate or love. At least she cannot feel these things with humans… But could she have feelings with a vampire? Spike is hot on her tail to find out!

While the fire is burning between Buffy and Spike, Tara and Willow are having problems. Willow is forced to face her addiction to magic, the very thing that brought Buffy back from the dead! Meanwhile, romance has blossomed between Anya and Xander. Could we be hearing wedding bells in Sunnydale?

As sparks fly within the gang, a new dangerous and menacing trio arrive in Sunnydale… but they are nerds! Warren and his mischievous gang plot to take over Sunnydale and leave havoc in their wake. What could they have done to finally push Willow over the edge and into darkness? Only Buffy can save the day and the fate of the world…

Buffy Season 6 on DVD sees our most thrilling female action hero pushed to the limit as she finds her new place back on earth with her pals, and of course, fighting those gruesome monsters and vampires in Sunnydale!

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