Pathé announce Comment J'ai Tué Mon Père/How I Killed My Father


Pathé Distribution Ltd have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Comment J'ai Tué Mon Père, a French drama from acclaimed writer and director Anne Fontaine. Available from April 21st the disc offers an anamorphic widescreen transfer, French DD5.1 audio and English subtitles along with the original Theatrical Trailer. Retail is £19.99.

From the PR...

Jean-Luc Borde (Charles Berling) is a wealthy gerontologist who runs a private clinic specialising in anti-ageing treatments, and lives with his beautiful wife Isa (Natacha Régnier) in the luxurious Versailles suburbs of Paris. Although Jean-Luc and Isa live a picture-perfect life on the surface, beneath the facade there is resentment and distance between them.

Thirty years earlier, when Jean-Luc was ten years old, his father Maurice (Michel Bouquet) abruptly abandoned him and his brother Patrick (Stéphane Guillon), disappearing to practice medicine in Africa without a word of explanation. Jean-Luc has since grown into a detached and uncommitted man, who thinks nothing of cheating on his wife.

On the crowning night of his career, the town's elite gather for a party at Jean-Luc's house to award him the coveted Order of Merit. Although Jean-Luc recently received word that his father was dead, he suddenly sees the enigmatic Maurice standing among the other guests in the garden.

Short on money after being forced to leave Africa, Maurice spends a few days living with Jean-Luc and Isa, throwing their lives into disorder. Although charismatic, he views his son's life with a cruel indifference, and is critical without actually saying the words. Gradually, those closest to Jean-Luc do fall for Maurice's charm, especially Isa who finds him easy to talk to. Even the initially resistant Patrick builds a modest bond with him. However, Jean­Luc is withdrawn, with a fury towards his father that lurks beneath a calm surface. For Jean- Luc, Maurice's unrepentant return calls into question a past and present that must be reconciled, and serves as a catalyst for self-reflection.

Comment J'ai Tué Mon Père is a compelling exploration of the father-son relationship, with taut dialogue and excellent performances set against the backdrop of Jocelyn Pock's unnerving music. Michael Bouquet won the César Award for Best Actor in 2002 for his role as Maurice.


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