Transformers - The Takara Collection Vol.1 in September


Metrodome have announced the UK DVD release of Transformers - The Takara Collection Vol 1 - Headmasters for 26th September 2005 priced at 29.99. This exclusive release marks the first time this legendary, much sought after but little seen 35-episode series has ever been officially released in its entirety in the West and features the show's original Japanese language version with newly commissioned remastered English subtitles, new artwork and a special collector's booklet on The Takara Collection. Amounting to almost 13 hours' worth of animated robot action, Transformers: Headmasters represents the must-have Holy Grail of DVD releases for many Transformers fans. Further volumes in The Takara Collection, Volume 2 - Masterforce and Volume 3 - Victory, will be released in 2006.

Features include dual language format (US dub and original Japanese with optional remastered English subtitles), audio commentary (episodes 1-3) by Transformers fan and expert Chris McFeeley and episode scripts (DVD ROM content).

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