New Optimum Asia label


From the PR...

Optimum Asia is the new label from Optimum Releasing that aims to bring the most exciting movies from the Far East to DVD here in the UK. From martial arts classics to new releases from emerging talent, Optimum Asia will give UK audiences the chance to take in the best of East Asian cinema. Forthcoming releases include: Drunken Monkey, starring Gordon Liu (Kill Bill), marking the return to film-making of the legendary Shaw Brothers studio: Natural City, a mind-blowing future fantasy from Korean director Byung-Chun Min: and a collection of films from the ever popular Sonny Chiba, the Japanese martial arts superstar who has been a key influence on the work of Quentin Tarantino.

We can also confirm other titles in the line-up should include: Azumi, Blind Shaft, and Grave of the Fireflies


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