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Oliver Stone's hugely enjoyable biopic of George W. Bush gets a pleasing release from Lions Gate.

W+B Hein: Materialfilme

Experimental cinema out of West Germany.

Wacky Races: the Complete Series

And away they go! Dastardly and Muttley, Penelope Pitstop and the rest finally roar onto DVD with this 3 disk set of the complete series. James joins the race and reveals the real reason why Dastardly's plans always ended with a "Drat, drat and double drat!"

Wag the Dog

Michael Brooke has reviewed the Region 2 DVD release of Wag the Dog

Wages of Fear

Michael Brooke has reviewed the Region 0 release of Wages of Fear.


Anthony Nield has reviewed the Region 2 release of Wagner, Tony Palmer's epic television biopic from 1983 that fascinates and infuriates in equal measure yet remains never less than astounding.

Waiting for God (Series 1)

Acting like an antidote against the likes of Network 7, the actions of Tom Ballard and Diana Trent

Waiting For Happiness

Mauritanian born Abderrahmane Sissako's second feature examines the themes of exile and cultural identity in a small African sea-port town. Artificial Eye release a fine DVD transfer of this moody, atmospheric and poetic piece.

Waiting Women

Another Ingmar Bergman release from Tartan, Waiting Women is an early look at some of the director's favourite subjects, with its frank look at the experiences of a group of women who share with each other the defining moments when they came to the bitter realisation of the nature of their marriages. This rarely seen film is restored from the cut version that was released in 1952.

Wake in Fright

A schoolteacher, marooned in an Outback town, discovers a whole dark side to himself in Wake in Fright, also known as Outback, a landmark Australian film from 1971. Once thought lost, it has now been restored. Gary Couzens reviews Madman's DVD.

Wake Wood

The Hammer revival continues with the conventional yet effective Irish-based chiller, Wake Wood. Ma...

Waking the Dead: Series 2

The irascible Boyd and the rest of his Cold Case squad are back for yet more convoluted investigations in Waking the Dead: Series 2. Michael Mackenzie has reviewed the 4-disc standard definition DVD set from 2 Entertain, which features a serviceable audio-visual presentation but is devoid of extras.

Waking the Dead: Series 4

With the sixth series of Waking the Dead having recently drawn to a close, Michael Mackenzie takes a look at the Cold Case Squad's fourth series, released on DVD by 2 Entertain.

Waking the Dead: Series 5

Waking the Dead's seventh series begins airing tonight on BBC1, and, to coincide, Michael Mackenzie has reviewed 2 Entertain's DVD box set of Series 5, containing all 12 episodes on six discs.

Waking the Dead: The Complete Series One & Pilot Episode

To coincide with the DVD release of Series 2 of Waking the Dead, Michael Mackenzie has reviewed last year's DVD release of Series 1 of the engaging detective series, which also includes the show's two-part pilot episode.

Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price

Robert Greenwald, best known for putting the boot into George Bush and Fox News, turns his attention to Wal-Mart in his latest documentary, presented on an acceptable but unexciting Tartan DVD.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

So this isn't the movie where Johnny Cash prevents terrorist attacks?

Walk the Line (2-Disc Collector's Edition)

Prior to his death on 12 September 2003, Cash's four albums for American Recordings had resurrected interest in his songs from the darker side of life. This film based on his life sees him struggle with guilt, addiction and his love for June Carter, which almost tore him apart...

A Walk With Love And Death

One of John Huston's lesser known works gets a very nice R2 DVD from the BFI.

Walking on Water

Australia Day continues with Walking on Water. Vince Colosimo stars in this award-winning 2002 drama about coming to terms with loss.

Walking Tall

Kev reviews The Rock's latest action outing, available to buy from September 23rd.

Walking Tall

Ex-soldier Chris Vaughn (The Rock) returns to his hometown only to find it morally unacceptable. With a little help from his friends, and his trusty 2 by 4, he attempts to re-establish law and order. Michael Sunda reviews the Region 2 release of Walking Tall.


Released by Artificial Eye, ‘Mur’ is a visually striking and often poetic look at the building of the Israeli-Palestinian security barrier from Simone Bitton, a Moroccan-born French filmmaker of both Jewish and Arabic heritage.

Wall Street

Raphael Pour-Hashemi has reviewed the Region 1 release of Wall Street. Oliver Stone's cutthroat tale of corruption and greed amongst capitalist eighties stocks and shares. The DVD features some good extras, and is virtually identical to the R1 version. Starring Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen, Darryl Hannah, Martin Sheen.

The Wall (Die Wand)

A woman finds herself isolated behind an invisible wall, in The Wall, on DVD from New Wave Films....

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