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Nacho Libre

Kev reviews the second feature from Napoleon Dynamite's Jared Hess, starring Jack Black as a monk who dreams of becoming a famous wrestler.


Mike Sutton looks at Arrow Films' release of Claude Chabrol's "Nada", an excellent thriller which is, in some respects, a departure for the director from his usual territory.

Najica Blitz Tactics: Volume 1

Kev reviews Ultra Panty Adventure anime!

Najica Blitz Tactics: Volume 2

The following review contains panty shots. You don't have to look though if you don't want to.

Najica Blitz Tactics: Volume 3

Kev takes a look at the final installment of ADV's Najica Blitz Tactics series. Warning! - The following review contains no panty shots.

Naked - As Nature Intended / Secrets of a Windmill Girl

The latest 'Slap & Tickle' double-bill from Odeon...

The Naked City

Mike Sutton updates Gary Couzens' review of this key 1940s film with a look at the R2 Arrow DVD.

The Naked City: Criterion Collection

"There are eight million stories in the Naked City - this has been one of them." Directed by Jules Dassin in 1948, The Naked City was a groundbreaking mixture of documentary and police procedural thriller. Gary Couzens reviews the Region 1 release from Criterion.

The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!

Raphael Pour-Hashemi has reviewed the Region 1 release of The Naked Gun. The film containing possible the funniest spoof character of all time in Leslie Nielsen's Frank Drebin. For a laugh-a-minute hoot, you'd do far worse than to check this film out!

The Naked Island

Kev reviews director, Kaneto Shindo's 1960 masterpiece; available for the first time on DVD in the west. The Naked Island is available to own on DVD from today as part of Eureka's "Masters of Cinema" series.

The Naked Kiss

Released as one half a double disc set, celebrating two of the most important American movies of the 1960's, Karl Wareham gives The Naked Kiss the once over here.

The Naked Truth

When they find themselves blackmailed by the publisher of a scandal magazine, a number of celebrities react by plotting to kill him, and fall over each other in the attempt. Peter Sellers gets plenty of opportunities to dress up in disguises in this comedy that also benefits from the presence of Terry-Thomas and Peggy Mount.

Naked Weapon

Dave Foster has reviewed the Hong Kong Legends two-disc Platinum Edition release of Naked Weapon. Sexy female assassins and high-impact martial arts action rarely equal a quality movie, could this be an exception? Read in to find out...

Nala Damayanthi

Noel Megahey has reviewed Nala Damayanthi, a Tamil cinema romantic comedy of cross-cultural differences and misunderstandings when a young Indian chef agrees to a marriage of convenience to avoid deportation from Australia.

The Name of the Rose

Michael Mackenzie has reviewed the R2 UK release of The Name of the Rose, Jean-Jacques Annaud's glossy adaptation of the famous Umberto Eco giallo, starring Sean Connery and Christian Slater.

The Nameless

Mike Sutton reviews the recently released R1 disc of "The Nameless", an interesting and genuinely unnerving adaptation of a novel by Ramsey Campbell which errs by diverging from its source and becoming all too familiar.

Namu the Killer Whale

Gary Couzens has reviewed Namu the Killer Whale, an old-fashioned family film from 1966 given a basic back-catalogue release in Region 2 from MGM.


Courtesy of the chaps and chapessessess at Yesasia, Kev takes a look at the pleasently surprising "Nana", based upon a popular girls manga, starring pop sensation Mika Nakashima and Aoi Miyazaki.


Nandhaa is a young man introduced to a violent lifestyle at an early age in this Tamil action melodrama. Review by Noel Megahey.

Nang Nak

Michael Brooke has reviewed the Region 0 DVD release of Nang Nak

Nanny McPhee

Capturing the spirit of Mary Poppins, albeit in the magical nanny's less forgiving moments, Emma Thompson's Nanny McPhee comes into the lives of Colin Firth's Mr Brown and his seven very naughty children...


Anthony Nield has reviewed Metrodome's Region 2 release of the 2002 miniseries Napoleon. A lengthy affair with an all-star cast including Gerard Depardieu and John Malkovich, this is also an excessively overlong and ultimately empty experience.

Napoleon Dynamite

Sometimes you get a strange feeling after watching a film, one that makes you wonder whether you actually liked what you saw or not. Napoleon Dynamite is one such film that left me weighing up the odds, especially after anticipating its release date.

Napoleon Dynamite

Anthony Nield takes a look at the Region 2 release of Napoleon Dynamite, an amusing but ultimately empty experience, here given a fine presentation but also shackled with disappointing extra features content.

Napoleon Dynamite (Like, The Best Special Edition Ever!)

A new edition of the popular nerd comedy contains new extra features and commentaries. But does it live up to the title and is it worth the upgrade? Noel Megahey reviews.

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