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Ahead of its 6th October release, Noel Megahey takes an advance look at the fully restored Special Edition Region 2 release of Fritz Lang's M, a chilling depiction of a child murderer on the streets of Berlin.

M (Masters of Cinema)

Fritz Lang's masterpiece M, featuring a career-making performance from Peter Lorre, is released by Masters of Cinema. This two-disc edition also contains the film's rarely-seen English-language version. Review by Gary Couzens.

M Butterfly

David Cronenberg's undervalued adaptation of a successful play has been released by Warner Brothers on Region 1 DVD.

M*A*S*H (Five Star Edition)

Courtesy of Ringos, Mike Sutton has reviewed the Region 1 release of M*A*S*H Five Star Edition. A classic comedy presented on an impressive Fox DVD, even if some of the extra features are a little repetitive.

M*A*S*H (Special Edition)

Raphael Pour-Hashemi has reviewed the Region 2 release of M*A*S*H. The fantastic anti-war satire that spawned a massive spin-off television series and forced Donald Sutherland, Elliott Gould and director Robert Altman into the limelight. Fox have also released the film on a very good 2-Disc Set.

M*A*S*H Season 1

Raphael Pour-Hashemi has reviewed the Region 1 release of M*A*S*H Season 1. The classic first series of the landmark tv series, that expertly fused humour with social comment. Derived from the Robert Altman 1970 film, and released as a 3-disc collection.

M*A*S*H Season 3

Karl Wareham dips into the R2 release of the third season of hit US TV show, M*A*S*H and likes what he finds.

M*A*S*H Season 4

On paper, a comedy series set in a mobile field hospital during the Korean war does not look like a good idea but M*A*S*H ended up as one of America's longest running shows and is loved by millions. Karl Wareham looks at the latest R2 release...

Ma Mère

Christophe Honoré directs the screen version of Georges Bataille's controversial novel, starring Isabelle Huppert as a depraved mother who leads her 17 year-old son, Louis Garrel, into a life of perversity and debauchery.

Ma vie sexuelle (Paul Dedalus' Journey)

Anthony Nield reviews the Region 2 release of Ma vie sexuelle (Paul Dedalus' Journey), a classic of modern French cinema sadly let down by Pathe's shoddy handling of it.


Love is a freshly opened freezer compartment in Lamberto Bava's directorial debut.


Now showing in UK cinemas, the new film from Romper Stomper director Geoffrey Wright updates Shakespeare's Scottish Play to gangland Melbourne. Gary Couzens reviews the Region 4 release from Palace Films.


The Globe's nerve-shattering 2013 production of Macbeth comes to DVD.

The Machine Girl

Kev takes a look at the highly touted Machine Girl: The latest blood-soaked offering from Japan. Director Noboru Iguchi firmly carves himself a nice reputation - along with hollowing out a few corpses along the way.

The Machine Girl

Mutilated schoolgirl goes on a killing rampage in order to avenge the death of her younger brother&#...

The Machine

A sad boffin and his sexy killing machine. We are so there.......

Machinima Film Festival 2002

Prepare to enter the world of Machinima, a place where shooting in Quake takes on a whole new meaning. James takes a look at a DVD showcasing the best of the new genre.

The Machinist

Rik Booth reviews this surreal yet superb look at one man's slow descent into insanity; Christian Bale excels as the emancipated titular character, a man who hasn't slept in a year and starts to see cryptic messages and bizarre images surrounding him. Directed by Brad Anderson, The Machinist is out now on R1 DVD.

The Machinist

The Machinist, made infamous by Christian Bale's massive weight loss, has been brought to the UK on a region free disc by Tartan, and comes complete with some exclusive extras. Matt Day takes a look to see if the movie is worth talking about once you get past Bale's skeletal appearance.


Mark Boydell takes a look at Chile's most successful film to date, the moving Machuca which takes us back to another 11th of September.

The Paul Newman Collection: The MacKintosh Man

Gary Couzens reviews the Region 1 release of The MacKintosh Man, a 1973 thriller starring Paul Newman and directed by John Huston, released as part of the Paul Newman Collection boxset.

Macross (TV Volume #1)

Bex has reviewed the Region 1 release of Macross (TV Volume #1), the first volume of the classic sci-fi anime series.

Macy Gray Live in Las Vegas

Anthony Nield reviews Warners' recent Region 2 release of Macy Gray: Live in Las Vegas, an exceedingly poor concert presented on an exceedingly poor disc.

Mad Detective

The Masters of Cinema series leaps into the new millennium with a worthy effort from Hong Kong's Johnnie To.

Mad Dog Morgan

Dennis Hopper stars in the true story of the notorious bushranger Daniel "Mad Dog" Morgan, in this 1976 historical piece directed by Philippe Mora. Gary Couzens reviews Umbrella's DVD release for Australia Day.

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