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L. A. Story

Raphael Pour-Hashemi has reviewed the Region 2 release of L.A. Story. A popular mix of romantic comedy, LA satire and postmodern mysticism, but how does the film fare in the 21st Century?


Parisian cops do battle with drug-dealers in L.627, the fourth Bertrand Tavernier film released on DVD by Optimum. Review by Gary Couzens.

L/R - Licensed by Royalty Mission File 01: Deceptions

Dave Foster has taken an early look at the Region 1 DVD release of L/R - Licensed by Royalty Mission File 01: Deceptions, courtesy of Geneon Entertainment. This new secret agent anime series has a style of its own and in just four episodes has secured this reviewer as a fan, read on to find out why.

L/R - Licensed by Royalty Mission File 02: Targets

Dave Foster continues his look at this anime from Geneon Entertainment featuring a classic world of secret agents of the kiss-kiss bang-bang variety with some thoughts on Volume 2 of 4...

L/R - Licensed by Royalty Mission File 03: Broken Angel

Dave Foster continues his look at this anime from Geneon Entertainment featuring a classic world of secret agents of the kiss-kiss bang-bang variety with some thoughts on the penultimate volume...

Labyrinth of Passion

A gynaecologist who doesn't like sex, a gay man who is in love with a woman, a nymphomaniac who goes off sex and a psychologist who is more mad than any of her clients. Who else could it be but Almodovar? John looks at the recent Tartan UK release of Pedro's 3rd movie.

Lacombe Lucien

Ending our series on Louis Malle, Mark Boydell takes a look at the controversial Lacombe Lucien which is given a very good release by Criterion with a deservedly updated transfer finally bringing what many regard as Malle's masterpiece into the new millenium.

Ladies and Gentlemen The Fabulous Stains

Diane Lane, Ray Winstone and Laura Dern star in Ladies and Gentlemen The Fabulous Stains, an 80s cult movie about an all-girl rock band. Long unavailable, it now reaches DVD. Gary Couzens reviews.

The Lady and the Duke (L'Anglaise et le Duc)

Gary Couzens's tribute to the late Eric Rohmer ends with his visually stylised 2001 French revolution drama The Lady and the Duke

Lady and the Tramp: Platinum Edition

Released yesterday, Buena Vista's R1 Platinum Edition of Lady and the Tramp brings a much-loved classic to audiences on a lavish 2-disc set featuring a newly restored transfer and an impressive array of bonus features. Michael Mackenzie takes a look at this latest edition, and investigates how it compares to the UK edition released earlier in February.

Lady and the Tramp: Special Edition

Michael Mackenzie has reviewed the 2-disc special edition release of Lady and the Tramp, one of Walt Disney's finest animated features. Released on February 13th, this R2 UK edition features a strong transfer and an impressive array of bonus materials, but lacks the original mono audio track and Academy (1.33:1) format version of the film, both of which will be available on the US version released later this month.

Lady Chatterley

Pascale Ferran's acclaimed and award-winning 2006 adaptation of D.H. Lawrence's notorious novel comes to DVD in the UK from Artificial Eye, but can its essentially English qualities work in a French setting? Noel Megahey reviews.

Lady Death: The Motion Picture

Kev reviews ADV's own produced, animated motion picture. Available to own on DVD now. You have been warned.

The Lady Eve

Anthony Nield reviews The Lady Eve, the third disc in Universal's Region 2 Written and Directed by Preston Sturges collection which can also be purchased separately.

Lady Godiva Rides Again

Featuring Ruth Ellis as a beauty queen contestant...

Lady In Cement

Frank Sinatra stars as a Private Investigator trying to discover the identity of a dead blonde found at the bottom of the ocean, her feet encased in cement in this fun and witty sequel to Tony Rome.

Lady in the Water

A water nymph is found in the swimming pool of an apartment building by a mournful, sad-eyed caretaker. Your reviewer, having watched this film, knows how he feels!

Lady in the Water

M Night Shyamalan's much derided film comes to DVD pursued by a chorus of critical apathy but is it really as bad as all that? James reevaluates a film that, while flawed, has far more to it than its reception at the cinema suggested, in a review that comes to us courtesy of CD-Wow.

Lady Killer

Cagney tries to figure out whether he wants to be a gangster or a movie star. Why not have both? Mae Clarke again gets the heave ho.

Lady Ninja Kasumi: Vol. 1

Kev brings you the reviews that no one else will. Here he takes a look at a film involving sexy ninjas, only it's not really that sexy at all. Bugger.

The Lady of Musashino

Following their recent restoration and theatrical re-release, Artificial Eye have released two long-awaited classic films from Japanese director Kenji Mizoguchi. The Lady of Musashino is a powerful look at the moral challenges facing the one family in the post-war years.

Lady of the Night

Anthony Nield has reviewed the Region 0 release of Lady of the Night, another slice of eighties Italian erotica courtesy of Argent Films.

Lady Snowblood: Blizzard From The Netherworld

Eamonn McCusker has reviewed the Region 2 release of Lady Snowblood: Blizzard From The Netherworld, a literary view of retribution passing from one generation to another with a female angel of vengeance.

The Lady Vanishes: Criterion Collection

One of Hitchcock's greatest movies is now available on an excellent 2-disc Criterion DVD. Mike Sutton investigates.

Lady Vengeance

Mike Sutton takes a look at Tartan's disappointing R0 release of Park Chan-wook's scintillatingly cinematic "Lady Vengeance".

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