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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Kev finds out if G.I. Joe really is the greatest hero of them all.

G.I. Samurai

Anthony Nield reviews G.I. Samurai, an entertaining if uneven piece of Sonny Chiba fantasy from the early eighties.

Gabriel and Me

Mark Davis has reviewed the Region 2 release of Gabriel and Me. Out on Monday 9th September Billy Co...


Artificial Eye release Patrice Chéreau’s sumptuous period adaptation of a Joseph Conrad short story The Return - but it’s a deeply flawed film and DVD edition. Noel Megahey reviews.

Gad Guard Vol.01: Lightning

When a young courier activates a mysterious metal cube it gives birth to a powerful mechanoid robot that will obey only his command. Together the duo will fight crimes and solve the mystery of this cube in this ultra stylish anime. Matt Shingleton reviews ADV’s UK release.

Gad Guard: Volume 1 - Lightning

Kev takes a look at another mecha-anime from the guys who bought you "Hellsing" and "Full Metal Panic". It's about a boy and his big robot and is very good.

Gad Guard: Volume 2 - Corruption

The Gads are back in town. Kev reviews volume two of Gonzo Digimation's enjoyable little series with robots.

Gad Guard: Volume 4 - Collections

Chug-a-chug, the series continues on like a train with no destination in volume four of Gonzo's roboty series.

Gad Guard: Volume 5 - Acquaintances

The series turns around a little and things begin to look positive as we near toward the end of the series. Kev takes a look at Geneon Entertainment's fifth volume in studio GONZO's adventure series

Gada Meilin

Feng Xiaoning's historical epic of a warrior leading a people's revolt against the Kuomintang and the invading Japanese forces may lack a big budget, but has plenty of action, adventure and romance.

Gaea Girls / Shinjuku Boys

The latest from Second Run, a Kim Longinotto double bill exploring the worlds of Japanese female wre...


Joseph Losey directed this film version of Bertolt Brecht's play for the American Film Theatre. The film features a host of British stage actors and Topol as the Venetian mathematician who changed how we see the world.


Gary Couzens has reviewed the Region 2 release of Gallipoli, Peter Weir's film about friendship, starring Mel Gibson and Mark Lee, set against one of World War I's bloodiest battles. An engrossing, often funny, finally poignant film given a good picture and a 5.1 remix but not much in the way of extras on Paramount's DVD.

Gallipoli: 2-Disc Anniversary Edition

Gary Couzens has reviewed the Region 4 two-disc anniversary edition of Gallipoli, which contains a considerably different set of extras to the Region 1 version reviewed earlier today.

Gallipoli: Special Collector's Edition

Gary Couzens has reviewed the Region 1 Special Collector's Edition of Gallipoli, Peter Weirs' fine 1981 film starring Mel Gibson and Mark Lee. This edition has an improved transfer and a six-part making-of documentary.


Anthony Nield has reviewed the BFI's Region 2 release of Gallivant, here part of a superb two-disc package which contains the vast majority of director Andrew Kötting's filmic output to date.

Game of Death

Dave Foster has reviewed the Region 2/4 release of Game of Death. The last Hong Kong Legends Bruce Lee film release is their best package yet that comes with the HKL Platinum Edition seal of approval. Fortunately this otherwise lacklustre film is saved by the explosive fight sequences and a superb range of extra features.

Game of Death 2 (aka Tower of Death)

Dave Foster has reviewed the Region 2/4 release of Game of Death 2 (aka Tower of Death). Although this is an obvious cash-in opportunity Game of Death 2 aka Tower of Death is a fine martial arts film in the traditional style that is unintentionally humorous but all the more entertaining for it. The DVD is superbly put together by the Hong Kong Legends team and offers the same high standard of restoration work and extra features that we have come to expect from them.

Game On Series 1

Dave Foster has reviewed the Region 2 release of Game On Series 1.

Gamera: Attack Of Legion

Dave Foster has taken a look at the Region 2 DVD release of Gamera: Attack of Legion, released last week through ADV Films. This fairly recent addition to the kaiju (monster) movie genre that Japan is famous for features a giant turtle that will protect our planet at all costs!


Mike Sutton has reviewed the Region 2 release of Richard Attenborough's wildly overrated Gandhi. The disc is pretty good in technical terms but lacks the sort of special features that we might have expected.

Gandhi My Father

Bollywood delivers an engrossing look at the rarely-seen troubled family life of Mahatma Gandhi in this biopic of his eldest son, Harilal. The high-quality (for a change) DVD release is provided by distributor Eros International.

Gangs of New York

Mike Sutton has reviewed the Region 2 release of Martin Scorsese's insanely ambitious Gangs of New York. A deeply flawed but often wonderful film has received an above average but slightly disappointing release from EIV.

Gangsters: The Complete Series

Anthony Nield takes a look at the Region 2 release of Gangsters, Philip Martin's truly eccentric TV series from the late seventies here present in its entirety and blessed with a number of enticing extras.

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