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Da Kath N Kim Code

After three successful series, Australia's most 'effluent' comedy pairing branch out into a full-len...

The Da Vinci Code Decoded

With the massive success of Dan Brown's book, The Da Vinci Code, it stands to reason that others would try to cash in. The Da Vinci Code Decoded was first released as a book and this DVD adaption is just the latest in a long line of products designed to benefit from riding the wave that Brown generated. Colin Polonowski reviews.

The Da Vinci Code

"There's nothing to see here..." - Well, not if you're looking for a film review. With just the extras disc in hand Dave Foster offers his thoughts on the bonus content of this release due out next week...

The Da Vinci Code: Extended Cut (R3 DTS)

What was already a very long film comes to DVD extended by a further twenty-five minutes, leaving little difference between a watching of the film or a reading of the book...

The Very Best of Dad's Army

Alexander Larman has reviewed the Region 2 release of The Very Best of Dad's Army. A classic British sitcom is presented on a disc with adequate picture and sound quality, but a good documentary.

Daemos Rising

Gary Couzens has reviewed the UK Region 0 release of Daemos Rising, an unauthorised spin-off from Doctor Who in which the Brigadier's daughter comes up against the alien threat from the classic story The Daemons.

Daft Punk's Electroma

The mix album as movie. A sixties throwback with a 21st century sheen. Anthony Nield takes a look at the Region 2 release of Daft Punk's Electroma.

Daisies (Sedmikrásky)

A defiant, cataclysmically fun Czech film populated by pretty colors and cute girls can now be seen in just about the best release imaginable thanks to Second Run.

Daisy Kenyon

Otto Preminger's damaged love triangle starring Joan Crawford, Dana Andrews and Henry Fonda is one of the director's very finest films, but it's not film noir.

Daiteiden no Yoru ni (First Press Limited Edition)

On Christmas Eve, NORAD tracks Santa across the globe but also watches a rogue satellite falling out of orbit towards Tokyo. Causing a failure of the electrical system, twelve people face up to life in the dark and to a night that, as it turns slowly into Christmas, will see love blossom, truths revealed and a drive through the deserted city streets on a pushbike, all to watch the stars...

The Dalek Collection

Two films, two discs and a psychedelic adventure on Skaaro and another in London for Peter Cushing's Doctor Who...

The Dam Busters

The classic wartime inventing'n'adventure of The Dam Busters is yet another movie from Optimum, one that is either available as part of the Complete War Collection or as a standalone release...

Damien: Omen II

Gary Couzens has reviewed the Region 2 release of Damien: Omen II, a so-so sequel in which the Antichrist goes to military academy. Fox's DVD, only available as part of the trilogy boxset, is solid but not outstanding.

Damien: Omen II

Mike Sutton reviews the second of the Omen Pentology, the hugely entertaining "Damien: Omen 2".

The Damned United

Mike Sutton looks at the DVD release of this popular film about Brian Clough's tenure as manager of Leeds United.

The Damned

Mike Sutton has reviewed the R2 release of Visconti's The Damned, a deliciously deranged melodrama that isn't anything like the serious work of art it pretends to be. The DVD looks good but has a disappointing soundtrack.

Dance With A Stranger

The story of Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged in the UK...

Dance, Girl, Dance

Maureen O'Hara and Lucille Ball star in Dance, Girl, Dance, a cult item from 1940 made by Hollywood's only female director at the time, Dorothy Arzner. Gary Couzens reviews Warners' Region 1 disc, available either singly or as part of the Lucille Ball Film Collection box set.

Dancer in the Dark

Alexander Larman has reviewed the Region 1 release of Dancer in the Dark. A film that is absolutely guaranteed to divide any audience, New Line have presented it on a DVD with excellent picture and sound quality and some good extras.

The Dancer Upstairs

Mark Boydell has reviewed the DVD release of The Dancer Upstairs - Malkovich's debut as a director - a thoughtful movie on guerilla warfare in Latin America. The DVD provides some good extras along with good image and sound.

Dancing at the Blue Iguana

Anthony Nield has reviewed the Region 2 release of Michael Radford's Dancing at the Blue Iguana. The result of a number of improvisational workshops, the film holds a certain fascination despite a number of apparent flaws.

Danger - Love at Work

Anthony Nield takes a look at the BFI's Region 2 release of Danger - Love at Work, an early entry in Otto Preminger's filmography here given a fine presentation if poor helping of extras.

Dangerous Game

Gary Couzens has reviewed the Region 2 DVD release of Dangerous Game

Dangerous Liaisons

Mike Sutton has reviewed the Region 2 DVD release of Dangerous Liaisons...


Sidney Lumet's troubling film about radical politics, unchecked government action, and the children who must live with the consequences finally arrives on DVD, reviewed here by clydefro.

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