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BaadAsssss Cinema

Anthony Nield has taken a look back at the Region 0 release of Isaac Julien's 2002 documentary BaadAsssss Cinema. A welcome alternative to Easy Riders, Raging Bulls' movie brat-centric view of seventies American cinema, it may suffer from similar constrictive flaws as Biskind's work, but also has enough qualities to prove itself worthy of the cineaste's attention.


Anthony Nield reviews the BFI's Region 2 release of Baadasssss!, Mario Van Peebles' hugely entertaining dramatisation of the making of his father's seminal film, Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song.

Baba Yaga

Witchcraft, politics, S&M... kinkyness and confusion reign supreme as Michael Mackenzie steps into the world of Baba Yaga, a 1973 Italian horror film based on the popular adult graphic novel "Valentina". Baba Yaga is presented on a high quality R0 USA DVD by Blue Underground.

Baba Yaga: The Final Cut

Originally hacked to bits by its producer, Corrado Farina's trippy Baba Yaga has been granted a second chance courtesy of Shameless. Michael Mackenzie reviews the Final Cut...

Baby It's You

Rosanna Arquette and Vincent Spano star in Baby It's You, a 60s-set wrong-side-of-the-tracks romance written and directed by John Sayles. Gary Couzens reviews the Region 1 release from Legend Films.

Baby Juice Express

Being reminded of Mind Your Language is never a good thing, unless it's the sight of Francoise Pascal wearing only lingerie, leaving one wondering why they thought old cast members would be worth hiring for this dud...

Baby Peggy: The Elephant In The Room

An excellent documentary comes to us from Milestone Films....

Baby Snakes

Anthony Nield has taken a look back at the Region 2 release of Baby Snakes, Frank Zappa's second feature, an odd blend of concert movie and wonderfully strange animations of Bruce Bickford.


Anthony Nield reviews Icon's recently released Region 2 disc of Franco Rosso's Babylon, a key piece of British cinema and treated here to a stunning restoration.

Babylon 5 (The Complete Fourth Season)

'It was the year everything changed'...and boy did it? Bex has taken a look at the R2/4/5 release of the fourth series of Babylon 5, released on 19th April.


Just another chick flick?

Back To Normandy

Nicolas Philibert's documentary gets a pleasing DVD release from Tartan.

Back To The Future Trilogy Box Set

Raphael Pour-Hashemi has reviewed the Region 4 release of Back To The Future Trilogy Box Set. The wait is over, and the greatest teen-comedy and science-fiction hybrid trilogy of movies is given a fine Region 4 box set release at a very affordable price. Certainly one to own!


When The Beatles left Hamburg for EMI, Abbey Road and Beatlemania, they didn't just leave behind the pleasures of the Reeperbahn but a one-time member of the band and Lennon's friend...


Australia Day continues with Backroads, a groundbreaking road movie/thriller from 1977, directed by Phillip Noyce.

Backs to the Land - Series 1

Les Anderson looks at this recent Network DVD release of this ITV sitcom from 1977......

Backwoods Bloodbath

Donn Kennedy's debut feature won the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival awar...

Backyard Criminals

Do you like watching fat, sweaty men wrestle each other? Who doesn't! And even if you don't, you might still get some enjoyment out of this, one of the weirdest DVD's you'll ever see. This DVD is as far away from the glossy side of US wrestling as its possible to get without invoking the blessed memory of sunny Saturday afternoons and Big Daddy. This is amateur wrestling and it's bone achingly real.

Bad Biology

The man behind cult movie classics Basket Case, Brain Damage and Frankenhooker returns to the direct...

Bad Boy Bubby

Gary Couzens has reviewed the Australian Region 0 release of Bad Boy Bubby. Rolf de Heer's cult black comedy is certainly not for everyone, but it's well served on DVD in a two-disc edition from Umbrella Entertainment. This review is the first in an occasional series covering the versatile and often controversial de Heer's work on DVD.

Bad Boy Bubby: Eureka edition

Off the wall and, to some, highly offensive, Bad Boy Bubby has has built up a considerable cult following since its release in 1993. It is now available uncut for the first time in UK. Gary Couzens has reviewed the Region 0 DVD release from Eureka.

Bad Boys 2

Bad Boys 2 could be everything that is wrong with modern cinema, or it could be one the best thing ever. That's for you to decide, but Karl Wareham has his own ideas....

Bad Education

Alex Hewison reviews Pedro Almodovar's dizzyingly inventive and controversial film Bad Education, his most recent work that, whilst not being one of his best, by no means fails to entertain. Pathé's DVD has its flaws but is generally satisfactory.

Bad Guy

Kim Ki-duk is one of South Korea's most extraordinary directors who continually makes films that focus on various aspects of society and infuses them with spiritual undertones. Kev reviews Bad Guy, from 2001 - released on DVD by Tartan on July 26th.

Bad Influence

Kevin O'Reilly has reviewed the Region 1 release of Bad Influence, an early thriller from LA Confidential director Curtis Hanson starring Rob Lowe and James Spader.

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