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Robin Williams steps into Chevy Chase's shoes and takes his reluctant family on a cross-country vacation in this comedy from director Barry Sonnenfeld (Men In Black). Jeff Daniels co-stars, as does teenage pop star JoJo. Review by Kevin O'Reilly.

Raid, The

1 Ruthless Crimelord, 20 Elite Cops, 30 Floors of Chaos... Lots & lots of stabbing....


Gary Couzens has reviewed the theatrical release of Rain, an interesting mood-piece from director Christine Jeffs.Rain went on release on 27 June.


He's back! And this time he's even more annoyed than before. John Rambo destroys Burma in 90 minutes - now that's how to make a statement.


A brotherly feud in a Icelandic sheep farm takes dramatic proportions...


Akira Kurosawa's adaptation of King Lear...

Rattle the Cage

The first genre film to come out of the United Arab Emirates...


Taylor Hackford's biopic of soul legend Ray Charles has received a number of Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, and its star Jamie Foxx is the favourite to take home the Best Actor statuette. The film follows the musician from his impoverished childhood to the peak of his success in the sixt

Read My Lips

Alexander Larman has reviewed the theatrical release of Read My Lips. An intriguing and occasionally ingenious French character study-cum-film noir, the film is worth watching for the two lead performances alone

Real Steel

Also known as the film in which Wolverine teams up with a Transformer to mend his relationship with ...

Reaping, The

Hilary Swank investigates the strange case of a small Louisiana town that's being struck by a series of biblical plagues in this horror movie. Review by Kevin O'Reilly.

Recruit, The

Iain Boulton has reviewed the theatrical release of The Recruit.

Red Dog

From Louis de Bernières's book, the semi-true and often funny story about an Australian dog who became an icon.

Red Dragon

Gary Couzens has reviewed the theatrical release of Red Dragon. A worthy prequel or a pointless remake of Manhunter, a film which didn't need remaking?Red Dragon previews in the UK and Ireland on 5 and 10 October

Red Eye

Horror director Wes Craven turns his attention to the suspense genre with this airborne thriller. Rising star Rachel McAdams plays a young woman travelling on a late night flight from Dallas to Miami and Cillian Murphy is the sinister fellow passenger who turns her trip into a nightmare. Review by K

Red Spider, The (Czerwony pająk) (15th Kinoteka Polish Film Festival)

Inspired by a real-life serial-killer case in 60s Kraków, The Red Spider plays at the Kinoteka Polis...


When five college students run out of gas at a desert rest-stop, their troubles are only beginning in this supernatural slasher film. Review by Kevin O'Reilly.

Refuge, Le

A pregnant woman trys to come to terms with an unwanted baby in the latest film from François Ozon.

Reign Of Fire

Daniel Stephens has reviewed the theatrical release of Reign Of Fire. Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey take centre stage in this excellent Dragon tale.

Reno 911!: Miami

Based on the Comedy Central series Reno 911!, a spoof of Cops, this spin-off takes the world's dumbest police force to a convention in Miami. Review by Kevin O'Reilly.

Resident Evil: Afterlife

A belated review of the latest entry in the long-running zombie franchise, with the undead mayhem no...

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Picking up where Resident Evil left off, a genetically-altered Alice wakes up to find Raccoon City now infected with the T-virus and sealed off from the outside world. She, along with a ragtag group of survivors must find a way out while avoiding zombies and a new threat in the form of the deadly Ne

Resident Evil: Extinction

The first two were rubbish - no reason to change things now....

Resident Evil: Retribution

Fifth time's the charm for the Milla Jovovich vs. zombies franchise?...

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Will Alice finally clock out of the Umbrella Corporation for good?...

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