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Da Vinci Code, The

Possibly the most eagerly awaited film of 2006 and certainly one of the most hyped, here's Ron Howard's film adaptation of Dan Brown's controversial bestselling novel. It stars Tom Hanks as a historian accused of murder whose attempt to clear his name leads to the uncovering of the greatest conspira

Daddy Day Care

Gary Couzens has reviewed the theatrical release of Daddy Day Care, an Eddie Murphy comedy that's not quite as painful as it might sound, but is really only for kids.Daddy Day Care opened in the UK and Ireland on 11 July

Danish Girl

Tom Hooper returns with the story of Lili Elbe, the first known patient of gender reassignment surge...


Kevin OReilly has reviewed the theatrical release of Daredevil, the latest special effects blockbuster starring Ben Affleck as the Marvel Comics superhero.

Dark Blue

Kevin O'Reilly has reviewed the theatrical release of Dark Blue, a cop thriller from the author of LA Confidential and the writer of Training Day, starring Kurt Russell as a corrupt and brutal LAPD detective.

Dark Knight Rises, The

The Caped Crusader returns in the final part of Chris Nolan's trilogy....but does it rise, or fall??

Dark Knight, The

Hype? What hype?

Dark Shadows

Should Tim Burton and Johnny Depp's eighth collaboration have stayed in the shadows?...

Dark Water

Jennifer Connelly stars in Hollywood's latest remake of a Japanese horror film, this one based on Ring director Hideo Nakata's tale of a haunted apartment block. The American version is directed by Walter Salles (The Motorcycle Diaries). Review by Kevin O'Reilly.

Dark, The

From the director of Ginger Snaps comes a ghost story set on the Welsh coast. Sean Bean and Maria Bello play bereaved parents who are visited by a girl who died in their house decades earlier. Review by Kevin O'Reilly.

Darkness Falls

Kevin O'Reilly has reviewed the theatrical release of Darkness Falls, a horror film about a town haunted by a vengeful ghost who kills children on the day they lose their last baby tooth.

Date Movie

An Airplane!-style spoof of Hollywood romantic comedies starring Alyson Hannigan as a lonely young woman who meets the man of her dreams. The cast also includes Eddie Griffin, Jennifer Coolidge and Fred Willard. Review by Kevin O'Reilly.

Daughter, The

Secrets from the past haunt the present in The Daughter, in British cinemas now....

Dawn Of The Dead

The latest seventies horror movie to be remade is the apocalyptic zombie classic Dawn Of The Dead, in which a small group of humans seek shelter inside a shopping mall from an army of flesh-eating ghouls. When there's no more room in hell, Kevin O'Reilly will review it.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Lauren reviews one of the most eagerly awaited films of the year which opens in the UK on 17th July.

Day After Tomorrow, The

The world stands on the brink of ecological disaster in The Day After Tomorrow, the latest action blockbuster from Roland Emmerich, director of Independence Day. Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal star. Review by Kevin O'Reilly.

Day I Became a Woman, The

Gary Couzens has reviewed the theatrical release of The Day I Became a Woman. Marzieh Meshkini's film tells three simple stories about three ages of Iranian women, and is further proof of the vibrancy of her country's cinema right now

Days Of Glory (Indigènes)

Noel Megahey reviews the Best Foreign Film Oscar nominated WWII war film from Rachid Bouchareb, following the progress of a group of Muslim North African soldiers fighting both Nazis and prejudice across the battlefields of France.

Dead Silence

From the creators of Saw comes a more traditional, less gory shocker in which a young man comes to believe supernatural forces were behind his wife's murder. Review by Kevin O'Reilly.


The Merc with a Mouth is finally on the big screen, but is Deadpool dead on arrival or alive and kic...

Dear White People (London Film Festival 2014)

A witty open letter about the state of racism in 21st century America....

Dearest (London Film Festival 2014)

Peter Chan's latest tells two hugely engrossing sides to a child abduction incident in China....

Death Proof

The first half of the eagerly anticipated Grindhouse double bill arrives in cinemas this September, but does it work without its partner in crime?

Death Sentence

Kevin Bacon takes the law into his own hands in this unfairly criticised new thriller from the director of Saw.

Death Watch

Romy Schneider and Harvey Keitel star in Bertrand Tavernier's 1979 SF film, now digitally restored and reissued.

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