Review Archive: July 2012


The draw of Mark Hamill isn't enough to elevate Airborne anywhere above a very pedestrian horror jou...

The Dead Want Women

...and a better screenplay.

The Devil Inside

Paramount release the region 2 DVD of William Brent Bell's The Devil Inside, a film which promises m...

Woman in a Dressing Gown

A forgotten British tale of infidelity.

Clannad - Series 1, Part 2

The series turns a little more conventionally shojo in its second half, but there are still some alternate reality surprises here.

Hawks and Sparrows

The latest Pasolini to enter the Masters of Cinema catalogue.


Pasolini's Salò prototype.

Fairy Tail - Part 3

The fantasy adventures take on a darker edge, but not without some entertaining anime downtime first...

Wonderful London

"The World's Greatest City" as it looked in 1924.


Beauty and the Beast, Charles Band style.

Black Butler: Complete Season 2

This Victorian-set anime takes a surprising turn into dark horror in its unexpected second season.

Crooks in Cloisters

So-so sixties crime caper with Bernard Cribbins, Babs Windsor and old man Steptoe.

I Only Want You to Love Me

Rare Fassbinder comes to the UK.

The House

MVM deliver a wavering transfer of Monthon Arayangkoon's wavering 2007 shockfest on region 2 DVD....