Review Archive: January 2012

Samurai Girls

Sexy samurai sirens in saucy new anime series.

Dark Age

Australia Day ends with a giant crocodile on the rampage, in Arch Nicholson's cult Ozploitation movie Dark Age.


Australia Day continues with a day seen through the eyes of seven children and their mothers in a dark ensemble drama.

Dr Plonk

A modern black and white silent film? Is it The Artist? No, it's Rolf de Heer's science fiction comedy Dr Plonk.

Bitter & Twisted

Australia Day continues as a family comes apart through grief in Bitter & Twisted, a drama starring Noni Hazlehurst.

Beneath Hill 60

Australia Day at The Digital Fix begins with Beneath Hill 60, a true story from World War One.


Lisandro Alonso's first UK DVD thanks to the wonderful folk at Second Run.

The Theo Angelopoulos Collection Volume 2

The next five of the great Greek director's films, in a box set from Artificial Eye.

The Other F Word

This documentary looks at how punk rockers adjust to fatherhood, a seeming conflict with their anti-authoritarianism

Outcast of the Islands

Rediscover a neglected classic...

A Man Vanishes (Masters of Cinema)

Truth in cinema gets turned on its head in Shohei Imamura's extraordinary film, released last year by Masters of Cinema

Doctor Who: U.N.I.T Files

Doctors Three and Four, both with Sarah Jane, face off invasions from the past and android replicas from space.

Night and Day

A Korean painter finds himself in Paris (literally not figuratively) in this film directed by the great Hong Sang-soo.

Go to Blazes

British crime caper from the sixties populated by dozens of familiar faces.

Java Head / Tiger Bay

Two forgotten Anna May Wong features from Ealing Studios, 1934.

Welcome to L.A. (MGM LE Collection)

Alan Rudolph's film about the "city of the one night stands" hits MGM's made-on-demand service


Catherine Breillat without the shock tactics.

American Dreams (lost and found) / Landscape Suicide

The beginning of a major new DVD project for the Edition Filmmuseum label...