Review Archive: October 2011

The COI Collection Volume Six: Worth the Risk?

More of the films that scared a generation.

A Quiet Place in the Country (MGM LE Collection)

An eerie Italian psychological thriller starring Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero, out now from MGM's MOD line


The troubled life of "outsider musician" and cult figure Wild Man Fischer, who died earlier this year.

The Conversation

Mike Sutton takes a look at the new Studiocanal special edition of Francis Ford Coppola's brilliant ...

The Taqwacores

Michael Muhammad Knight's 2003 novel on Islamist punks gets a big screen adaptation.

The Black Country 1969

Regional portraits of 'the cradle of industry'.

Here's a Health to the Barley Mow

A century of folk customs and ancient rural games.

Death Bell

Death Bell marks the migration of South Korean director Chang from music video to feature film. Mar...

The Devil's Kiss

Arrowdrome! invite us to a Eurohorror tale of resurrection and revenge.

My Voyage to Italy

Martin Scorsese's two-part, four-hour masterclass on Italian cinema, on DVD from Mr Bongo.

The Cheerleaders

Before Porky's and Debbie Does Dallas there were The Cheerleaders...


Blood. Limbs. A psycho with a chainsaw. And jazzercise!

The Silver Screen: Color Me Lavender

Homosexuality in Hollywood - and some parts of Europe.

Hong Kong Confidential (MGM LE Collection)

Gene Barry is a secret agent posing as a lounge singer in this tale of international intrigue

Black Butler: Collection 2

The Victorian gothic-horror anime draws to an apocalyptic conclusion.

Our Beloved Month of August

Second Run invite us to experience the Portuguese summertime.

The Peddler

An absolute charm of a documentary, taking us into the world of amateur auteur Daniel Burmeister.


Spain is increasingly flexing its muscle as a veritable hotbed of horror film creativity; can Shiver...

Anarchy in [Ja]Panty

More Pink Eiga, for those of you suffering from withdrawal symptoms. ...

The Boss (MGM LE Collection)

The life of a political boss, played by John Payne, is tracked in this fifties noir drama written by Dalton Trumbo

Road to Nowhere

Monte Hellman's first feature in twenty-one years, and it's a good 'un.

Promises! Promises!

Jayne Mansfield makes film history. But mostly she just makes a bad film.