Review Archive: September 2011

The Round Up (La rafle)

Jean Reno and Mélanie Laurent star in the true story of the 1942 Round Up of over 13000 Jews in occupied France in 1942.

Doctor Who: Day of the Daleks

Time-travelling freedom fighters, Ogrons and those natives of Planet Skaro making their first appearance in colour.

Sacred Blacksmith

Demons, magic, girls with big swords and other big assets... you know the score...

Dramarama: Spooky

Les looks at this anthology of children's horror stories originally broadcast on ITV in 1983......

The Ebony Tower

This TV play starring Laurence Olivier is out now on UK DVD......

Children's Ward Series One

Les examines Series 1 of this ITV children's drama series......

The Last American Hero

Jeff Bridges as champion NASCAR racer Junior Johnson in this sleeper hit from 1973, on DVD from Second Sight.

The Man with the Severed Head

Clichés and craziness courtesy of Eurohorror star Paul Naschy.

Vivacious Lady

Ginger without Fred but married to Jimmy Stewart, in George Stevens' potent screwball comedy


Christopher Walken plus ridiculous early nineties action movie equals prime guilty pleasures.


Another entry to the found footage genre proves undeniably chilling, though almost inevitably deriva...

The Night The Prowler

As the film of Nobel winner Patrick White's The Eye of the Storm opens in Australia, a look at this 1978 film he wrote.

Eureka Seven, The Movie

Q: How do you condense a 50 episode series into a 2-hour movie? A: You don't.

Black Heaven

Pretty, but empty.


Is Olivier Abbou's gritty incarceration study a timely reminder of Guantanamo Bay, or a cynical expl...

The Panic in Needle Park

Al Pacino and Kitty Winn are young, in love and on heroin in New York in this 1971 drama released by Second Sight.

Father (Apa)

With Star Wars likely to be garnering all the attention this week spare a thought for the little guy.

Birdy the Mighty: Decode 2

Season 2 of the Japanese sci-fi anime series raises the stakes considerably and impressively.


Christian Carion's Cold War thriller, out now and extras-free courtesy of Universal.

Stonehenge Apocalypse

A capsule look at a silly pseudo-SF movie.

8 Million Ways to Die

Jeff Bridges stars in this eighties action curio, the last feature film directed by the great Hal Ashby

Bill Cunningham New York

A superb documentary on an iconic photographer whose subjects are New Yorkers simply walking down the street

Some Like It Sexy

Donovan Winter's rare British sex flick, adorned with two just as rare short British sex flicks.

Death Notice - Ikigami

A government policy kills random citizens within 24 hours of notification. How would you react?

Eaters: Rise of the Dead

Eaters arrives on DVD, but is the Italian zombie flick anything more than a flashback to its notorio...