Review Archive: April 2011

The Stendhal Syndrome

Art, violence, and general weirdness are the active ingredients in Argento's mid-nineties shocker, a...

The Great Scout and Cathouse Thursday (MGM LE Collection)

Lee Marvin and Oliver Reed have a grand old time in this comedy-western, now available as a DVD-R.

Cop Hater (MGM LE Collection)

Made-on-demand DVD-Rs are the new pressed discs when it comes to older titles; clydefro checks out an offering from MGM.

The Grim Reaper

Bertolucci's directorial debut earns its first UK DVD release courtesy of Mr. Bongo.

The Broken Melody

A British musical. A prison melodrama. A tale of infidelity and revenge.

City Girl (Masters of Cinema)

A capsule look at Masters of Cinema's release of F.W. Murnau's final American-made film, now available on DVD.

Fishermen at War: Atlantic Trawler & Other Rarities

Panamint Cinema's WWII propaganda doc compilation, re-released next Monday.

Island of Death

Nico Mastorakis' video nasty finally sees the uncut light of day.

Naked - As Nature Intended / Secrets of a Windmill Girl

The latest 'Slap & Tickle' double-bill from Odeon...

Zhang Yimou's Blood Simple

The Coen brother's debut as re-imagined by Zhang Yimou. Yes, really.......

Norwegian Ninja

The art of ninjitsu and the cunning ways of the folk from the fjords. John reviews a very false stor...

Met onze jongens aan den Ijzer (With Our Troops on the Yser)

The first in a series of reviews dedicated to Cinematek's DVD output past and present.

Doctor Who: Revisitations 2

New editions for adventures for Doctors Two, Three and Five, with additional extras in this six-disc boxset.

Unmistaken Child

Previously screened on BBC4's Storyville as The Baby and the Buddha, Nati Baratz's 2008 documentary finally makes it to UK DVD.

Bleach Series 06 Part 01

Tite Kubo's original plotline finally resumes in a new thrilling season of Bleach. Out Today on R2uk DVD from Manga Entertainment

Confessions of a Dog

More than 5 years since its completion, Gen Takahashi's controversial feature examining police corru...

Ninety Degrees in the Shade

Calling all Second Run fans... Jiri Weiss' rare 1965 film finally makes it to DVD courtesy of Odeon.

To Each His Own

An Oscar-winning performance from Olivia de Havilland highlights this accomplished woman's picture

The Challenge (aka It Takes a Thief)

A pacey little thriller from John Gilling starring Anthony Quayle and Jayne Mansfield.

Burnistoun Series 1

Les takes a look at this Scottish comedy series which is out on UK DVD today......

Jack Rosenthal at the BBC

Out today is this collection of 5 plays by Jack Rosenthal......

The Man From Nowhere

Korean blockbuster hits DVD retail in the UK...