Review Archive: February 2011

The Promise

Peter Kosminsky's Israel-set miniseries The Promise is released today on DVD by Channel 4.


Richard Bracewell's flawed but interesting psychological thriller, out today.

Warren William Collection (Warner Archive)

1930s cad Warren William plays nice in this three-film set trotted out by the Warner Archive and reviewed by clydefro

The Flying Scotsman

Ray Milland's cinematic debut, considered by some to be Britain's first ever talking picture.

Doctor Who: The Ark

The First Doctor's companion Dodo nearly wipes out the last of humanity with a runny nose in this 19...


The multi-layered premise of this Spanish possession piece is intriguing; can the plot strands combi...


A beautiful woman hires cat burglar Michael Caine for one big job in Deadfall from 1968, on DVD from Optimum.

Decision Before Dawn

A German POW acts as a spy on his own country's army in Decision Before Dawn, a 1951 Best Picture nominee.

Alien vs Ninja

Like a present you've always longed for only to realise you never wanted it, Alien Vs Ninja is here....

Doctor Who: The Mutants

The Third Doctor battles Mutants, Marshals and Mad Scientists...

Police, Adjective

The latest Romanian critical hit comes to DVD only courtesy Artificial Eye.

Look-Back on '70s Telly - Issue 4

This sampler release from Network DVD offers a variety of episodes from classic British children's T...

Look-Back on '70s Telly - Issue 3

Les Anderson takes a look at 'issue 3' in this sampler series of DVD releases from Network......

Man Hunt

Walter Pidgeon takes a potshot at Hitler and goes on the run, in this 1941 thriller directed by Fritz Lang.

Doctor Who: Meglos

Tom Baker battles a shape-shifting cactus in this adventure from the longest-serving Doctor's final ...

Tales from the Shipyard

A century of shipbuilding, a century of superb British documentaries.

The Long, Hot Summer

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward star in The Long, Hot Summer, a Deep South drama from 1958, released by Optimum.

Po Zakonu (By the Law)

Edition Filmmuseum bring Lev Kuleshov's classic Jack London adaptation to DVD with a superb new score by Franz Reisecker.

The Thin Red Line

The 1964 original version of James Jones's novel, later filmed by Terrence Malick, on release on DVD from Optimum.

Polish Cinema Now! (Book + 2xDVD)

Post-'89 Polish cinema courtesy one excellent book and 21 films spread over two DVDs.