Review Archive: June 2010

Breaking Away

A big sleeper hit and Best Picture Oscar nominee from 1979, Breaking Away makes a long-overdue debut on UK DVD from Second Sight.

A Bunch of Fives

Les Anderson looks at this 70s drama by the Grange Hill team of John Sichel and Colin Rodgers......

Le Grand jeu

The Masters of Cinema series puts its stamp on this '30s French film that now resembles a link to film noir.

Kakera: A Piece of Our Life

Momoko Ando makes her debut with Kakera - a film of finding love and one's self. Third Window Films'...

She, a Chinese

From a Chinese village to semi-legal existence in London, one young woman's journey in a film by Xiaolu Guo.

Tammy and the Bachelor

"I hear the cotton woods whispering above..."

Deep Contact

The second of Pink Eiga's titles this month sees mankind uniting to prevent a comet from obliteratin...

Crazy Heart

Jeff Bridges's Oscar role as a washed-up country singer comes to DVD. Crazy Heart is released on Monday 14 June.

The Book of Eli

Denzel Washington stars in the Hughes Brothers' post-apocalyptic tale.


Mike Sutton reviews the recently released Odeon DVD of Roman Polanski's first English language movie.

Lizard In A Woman's Skin

A UK release for Lucio Fulci's best giallo. John reviews the new Optimum disc.

Rendezvous in Paris (Les rendez-vous de Paris)

One French capital. Three stories. One Eric Rohmer. One UK DVD from Artificial Eye.

Penthouse (Warner Archive)

Myrna Loy in Penthouse? Believe it!


Les Anderson looks at the web-exclusive Network DVD release of this 1977 TV series starring Quadrophenia's Phil Daniels...

Stone Bros.

Stone Bros. is an Australian aboriginal comedy that is somewhat lost in translation. Review by Gary Couzens.