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The Best Intentions

Mike Sutton looks at the Park Circus R2 release of a remarkable film written by Ingmar Bergman.

Peppermint Candy

Third Window Films continues its love for Lee Chang-dong with the release of his second feature, whi...


It's another rampaging onslaught of marauding, plague-ridden zombies, but the French shocker deliver...

Suspense (Warner Archive)

This somewhat obscure film noir, now available via the Warner Archive, deserves a look from fans of the style.

The Marquise of O... (Die Marquise von O...)

Gary Couzens's tribute to the late Eric Rohmer continues with The Marquise of O..., a historical drama from 1976, released on UK DVD by Arrow.

The Essential Claude Chabrol Vol. 1

Three of Chabrol's collaborations with producer Marin Karmitz are gathered together by Artificial Ey...

Doctor Who: The Creature From the Pit

Is The Creature From the Pit a king of beasts or just a bit of a turkey? James travels with the Doct...

Howling II

Mike Sutton looks at the delights of a deliciously bad movie.

Cradle Will Fall

A film depicting the brutal slaying of children by an acutely depressed mother is surely beyond the ...

Kidulthood (Collector's Edition)

Dare we look behind the hoodie? The Director's Cut of the gritty 2006 British youth street drama le...

Clive Barker's Dread

Mike Sutton takes a look at the latest Clive Barker adaptation from Lionsgate.

Glorious 39

Mike Sutton reviews Momentum's DVD of Stephen Poliakoff's fascinating drama set in 1939.

Rosalie Goes Shopping

In Percy Adlon's comedy, Rosalie goes shopping and Gary Couzens is waiting with his butterfly net.

The Stepfather

The Stepfather receives a modern facelift for this remake of the classic 1987 shocker, but can it ma...

Naruto Unleashed Series 9: The Final Episodes

Our filler misery comes to an end in the final volume of Naruto: Unleashed....

Glee: Season 1 Vol.1 - Road to Sectionals

Kev takes a look at one of the most popular U.S. shows of last year: the extravagant musical comedy ...

A Nos Amours

Mike Sutton updates Gary Couzens' review of Maurice Pialat's powerful drama with a look at the recent Masters of Cinema R2 DVD release.

Doctor Who: Myths and Legends

It's all Greek to the Doctor as he embarks on three stories inspired by ancient myth......

Bunny & the Bull

From the director of The Mighty Boosh, an inventive, visually superb, but ultimately lacking British comedy.

OSS 117 - Lost in Rio

ICA Films presents Michel Hazanavicius's follow-up to the French hit comedy of 2006; starring a suit...


Can bargain basement poultry-themed horror deliver anything new to the table? Mark Lee reviews, att...

The Descent: Part 2

The Descent was a gripping and unbearably claustrophobic British horror shocker; can its sequel hope...

Paris vu par

Gary Couzens begins a tribute to the late Eric Rohmer with a look at the 1965 sketch film Paris vu par for which Rohmer was one of the six directors.


Eva Green stars as a charismatic but destructive teacher in Cracks, the directing debut of Jordan Scott (daughter of Ridley), a drama set in a 1930s girls' boarding school. Review of Optimum's DVD release by Gary Couzens.

Keep Fit

George Formby's Rocky, circa 1937.

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