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Backwoods Bloodbath

Donn Kennedy's debut feature won the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival awar...

Under Satan's Sun

Masters of Cinema's series of DVDs of the work of Maurice Pialat, continues with Sous le soleil de Satan (Under Satan's Sun), starring Gérard Depardieu and Sandrine Bonnaire, which won the Palme d'Or at Cannes in 1987. Gary Couzens reviews the two-disc release.

Night of the Living Dead 3D

It's a remake of and homage to Romero's classic of the zombie genre, but Night of the Living Dead 3D...

I Married a Witch

When the witch in question is Veronica Lake, Fredric March isn't complaining.

The Valley of the Bees

Second Run follow up their 2007 release of Frantisek Vlácil's Marketa Lazarová with his subsequent feature, The Valley of the Bees, another bleak glimpse into the harsh realities of the 13th century. Out this week.

Johnny Mad Dog

A stark and brutal look at boy soldiers in an unnamed African civil war, Johnny Mad Dog is out now from Momentum Pictures.

The Exiles

Kent Mackenzie's lost classic, a docudrama glimpse of Native American Indians living in late fifties' Los Angeles, arrives on Region 2 courtesy of the BFI.


It's Christmas on a quiet suburban cul de sac, but just what is hiding in the shrubbery? John White ...

The Clouded Yellow

Eureka tries again, releasing this British thriller starring Trevor Howard and Jean Simmons with the few previously cut minutes now intact.

There's Always Tomorrow

Masters of Cinema continue their impressive winning streak with a fine Region 2 DVD of one of Dougla...

Van Diemen's Land

Van Diemen's Land tells the true story of eight convicts on the run in the wilderness of Tasmania and their struggles to survive against the odds. Gary Couzens reviews Madman's DVD release.

Doctor Who: Dreamland

The Doctor pays a long-overdue visit to Area 51 and finds it overrun with a nasty Viperox infection ...

Black Snow

The latest from Second Run, another excellent release in the shape of Xie Fei's 1990 snapshot of Chinese society.


Real birth, real sex, real violence, real death - in other words, real life. Simon Pummell's extraordinary experimental feature from 2003 is released by the BFI next week.

Survival of the Dead

Romero returns with another enjoyable zombie-fuelled romp, but can it exert a deep enough bite withi...

Last Ride

Hugo Weaving stars as a man on the run, his ten-year-old son in tow, in Last Ride, an Australian drama from 2009. Gary Couzens reviews Madman's two-disc DVD edition.

Julie & Julia

It's Mother's Day and here's Sony's attempt at taking a bite out of that market.

The COI Collection Volume One: Police and Thieves

The BFI kick off a new series of DVD releases dedicated to the work of the Central Office of Information with this wonderfully rich and diverse look at crime and punishment.

Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl

Following on from 2008's Tokyo Gore Police, Yoshihiro Nishimura returns with another slice of Japane...

Doctor Who: The Space Museum and The Chase

Daleks, Dracula and Boba Fett (sort of) are all causing trouble for the First Doctor in this double ...


Mike Sutton reviews the Optimum R2 release of this 1971 thriller.

Sestaja cast' mira / Odinnadcatyj (A Sixth Part of the World / The Eleventh Year)

Two rare Dziga Vertov films from the 1920s come to DVD on this excellent two-disc package.

M (Masters of Cinema)

Fritz Lang's masterpiece M, featuring a career-making performance from Peter Lorre, is released by Masters of Cinema. This two-disc edition also contains the film's rarely-seen English-language version. Review by Gary Couzens.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Wes Anderson does Roald Dahl. But mostly he does Wes Anderson.

Bleach Series 04 Part 02

It’s time for vampires to start owning the streets!! Watch Ichigo act like a muppet for Eight episod...

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