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Bill Maher Live: I'm Swiss

Mike Sutton takes a look at a 2005 live show by the controversial comedian Bill Maher.

Blue Dragon: Volumes 5 & 6

Warring kingdoms, mysterious strangers and bouncy boobs. Yup, it's all here as our adventurers make ...

Blood (O Sangue)

Second Run has brought out the debut feature from Portuguese director Pedro Costa, marking the first release on DVD in either the UK or stateside for this acclaimed filmmaker.

Staunton Hill

Son of George A, Cameron Romero makes a film about the value of family. But this is no chip off the old block says John...


In the canals of Amsterdam lurks a frogsuited madman. Can Eric Visser hunt him down before the touri...

Look Back in Anger

Richard Burton stars as the original Angry Young Man in Look Back in Anger, the 1958 film version of John Osborne's play. Gary Couzens reviews the first of three Tony Richardson films released on DVD by Optimum.

Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (Masters of Cinema 2-disc edition)

F.W. Murnau's silent masterpiece Sunrise is reissued with a second disc containing an alternative silent vesion of the film. Gary Couzens reviews the two-disc set from Masters of Cinema.

The Moon Is Blue (Warner Archive)

Otto Preminger's code-busting little comedy gets the Warner Archive treatment. You wouldn't know it from this quiet release, but the film is both a landmark and really enjoyable.

Doctor Who: The Keys of Marinus

Written by Terry Nation, The Keys of Marinus is a six-part story from the first year of Doctor Who. Gary Couzens reviews the UK Region 2 DVD from 2 Entertain, which is released today.

Sick Nurses (Suay Laak Sai)

Sick Nurses injects thick black Thai horror directly into the bloodstream, but it's all delivered with a wry grin. Mark Lee rolls up his sleeves to review.

Big Man Japan

Superheroes can have it hard too. Hitoshi Matsumoto's mockumentary is part kaiju part credit crunch...

The Inner Life of Martin Frost

American author Paul Auster writes and directs his second solo feature film, but the emphasis remains heavily on the challenge of being a writer. Noel Megahey reviews Axiom's DVD release.

Muriel, ou le temps d'un retour (Masters of Cinema)

Alain Resnais's Muriel is a complex weave of past and present. Gary Couzens reviews Eureka's Masters of Cinema release of this influential film.

The Glory Guys

Mike Sutton looks at a Western written but, sadly, not directed by Sam Peckinpah.

Time Regained

Mike Sutton looks at the recent Second Sight release of this 1999 film inspired by the work of Marcel Proust.

Diary for My Children (Napló gyermekeimnek)

Diary for My Children is the first of Márta Mészáros's autobiographical trilogy about a young woman's coming of age in post-war Hungary. Gary Couzens reviews Second Run's DVD.

La Tête contre les murs (Masters of Cinema)

The debut feature of director Georges Franju is a compelling look into the treatment of mental illness. The film comes to DVD in the UK via the Masters of Cinema series.

The Second Wind (Le deuxième souffle) (2007)

Daniel Auteuil and Monica Bellucci star in The Second Wind, a violent 2007 crime thriller from France. Gary Couzens reviews the Region 2 DVD from Optimum.

The Man Without A Past

An amnesiac man tried to rebuild his life in Aki Kaurismäki's wonderfully absurd but touching 2002 comedy drama. Noel Megahey reviews the ICA Projects DVD release.

Hairdresser's Husband

Patrice Leconte's tale of a wish fulfilled shows his mastery of intimate games and secret eroticism. John reviews the Severin disc

Two Daughters

Two wonderful and simple stories of rural Bengali life and love are recounted by Satyajit Ray in Mr Bongo's DVD release the director's 1961 compendium film. Noel Megahey reviews.

Bloody Moon

Mike Sutton reviews the Severin Films Region 1 DVD release of Jess Franco's insane slasher film

Chanbara Beauty

Released this week by Manga Entertainment, Kev takes a look at a video game adaptation featuring a h...

Just Like a Woman

Wendy Craig and Francis Matthews star in Just Like a Woman, a comedy from 1967 directed by Robert Fuest and released on DVD by Digital Classics. Review by Gary Couzens.

The Admiral

Noel Megahey reviews Andrei Kravchuk's depiction of the Russian Revolution as an epic romance.

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