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So is it right to to portray one of the most complex histories of modern times as a cartoon? John White tells you what he thinks...

Man of the East

Enzo Barboni's third outing with Terence Hill after their Trinity films comes to DVD via Optimum. We take a look at the new R2 release

Robot Chicken: Star Wars

More fun than a weekend at Jabba's palace...

FLCL - Volume 3

MVM release the two final episodes from this short, but wild and unpredictable six-episode anime series. Noel Megahey reviews.

Let's Get Lost

The self-destructive life of jazz trumpeter Chet Baker is explored in this superb documentary by Bruce Weber, now on R2 DVD from Metrodome.

Inglorious Bastards

Severin's release for the fantastic Enzo Castellari's war romp includes a man called Tarantino talking a lot. Two directors with some great movies behind them, if only one would let the other speak....

Nice To Meet You

Seven years in the life of refugees...

Squat 69

Or a documentary in 8 chapters by 4 directors about 500 violent stonethrowing psycho punks from Hell...

Satyajit Ray Collection - Volume 2

Artificial Eye bring together three thought-provoking entertainments in their second collection from one of cinemas greatest directors - Kapurush (The Coward), Mahapurush (The Holy Man) and Joi Baba Felunath. Noel Megahey reviews.

High and Low

Akira Kurosawa's masterpiece of moral frustration finally gets the release it deserves from the Criterion Collection

The Hills Run Red

Spaghetti Western goodness with the inimitable Henry Silva as a black suited henchman. John takes the new R2 release for a spin

Who Saw Her Die?

After turning his back on Bond, George Lazenby did few films of note. The stand out in the rest of his career is this excellent giallo from Aldo Lado. We take a look at Shameless' new disc....

La Belle et la bęte

Previously released onto DVD back in 2001, Jean Cocteau's 1946 masterpiece La Belle et la bęte gets the re-issue treatment on Monday which means improved picture and sound but also a missing featurette.

Azur & Asmar: The Princes' Quest

One of the animated highlights of recent years, Anthony Nield reviews Soda's excellent Region 2 handling of Azur & Asmar.

X-Men (Animated Television Series): Series 1, Volume 1

Wondering if the porno business ever got around to making The XXX-Men? Or just The Sex-Men?

Ivan Ladislaw Galata: Obsession - Structuring Time and Space

Shifting away from their focus on Austrian experimental cinema, Index latest release is a collection of shorts from Croatian structuralist Ivan Ladislav Galata.

Navajo Joe

Burt Reynold and his tomahawk is after revenge, but will whitey scalp him or help him? Sergio Corbucci's western features a Di Leo script and a seemingly sunburnt Reynolds, John looks at the forthcoming R2 release....

Naruto Unleashed Series 4:1

The Chuunin Exam Arc concludes and a new exciting story arc begins in the first volume of Series 4 of Naruto. Matt Shingleton takes a look at Manga’s R2uk release.

Team Picture

Benten Pictures go back into 'mumblecore' territory with their latest DVD release with an amiable piece of slice-of-life Southern states slackerdom from Kentucker Audley. Noel Megahey reviews the US Region 0 release.

Home Sick: Special Edition

Kev takes a look at the latest from Synapse: a low-budget horror feature from upcoming director Adam Wingard. Available from August 26th.


Peter Watkins' dynamic warning against manufactured celebrity is finally available for home viewing. Let's see if it still has any bite left.

"Dear Kitty": Remembering Anne Frank

"Dear Kitty": Remembering Anne Frank is a documentary released by Oracle. Review of the UK Region 0 release by Gary Couzens.

The David Lynch Collection

The Elephant Man, Mulholland Drive and Inland Empire are collected up by Optimum in one boxset. We wonder if smoke and mirrors are better than artful narrative....


As the Olympic Games continue in Beijing, Gary Couzens looks at the life story of a great Olympian of the past. Dawn! is the biopic of Australian swimmer Dawn Fraser, released on DVD in Australia by Umbrella Entertainment.


Masters of Cinema release their long-awaited new edition of Carl Th. Dreyer's 1932 horror masterpiece. Noel Megahey reviews the feature packed DVD which includes commentaries by Guillermo del Toro and Tony Rayns.

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