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Kokoda: The 39th Battalion

1942, Papua New Guinea, and an ill-equipped and outnumbered Australian force have to hold off the advancing Japanese. A 2006 dramatisation of a true-life World War Two story is released on UK Region 2 DVD by Showbox. Gary Couzens takes a look, and compares it to the Region 0 Australian edition.

Takin' Over the Asylum

Ken Stott and a very young David Tennant star in Takin' Over the Asylum, Donna Franceschild's award-winning comedy-drama serial from 1994 makes it to DVD. Review by Gary Couzens.

The Fire Within

Louis Malle's film about an alcoholic facing his own plans of suicide has been released in a stellar edition by Criterion, reviewed here by clydefro.

FLCL - Volume 2

MVM release the two middle episodes from this short, but wild and unpredictable six episode anime series. Noel Megahey reviews.

The Man From Earth

Star Trek and Sci-Fi writer Jerome Bixby’s final script is adapted to the screen - an intelligent and thought-provoking story that aims to challenge scientific and religious tenets. Noel Megahey reviews the UK release from Anchor Bay.

Michael Nyman's Man With a Movie Camera

The BFI's third release of Man With a Movie Camera - Anthony Nield sees what's different this time around.

King of the Gypsies

Sterling Hayden, Susan Sarandon and Eric Roberts star in this story of New York City gypsy life, now on DVD from Paramount and Legend Films.


There's nothing so dated as yesterday's future...

British Artists' Films: Jayne Parker

Anthony Nield reviews the BFI's latest release under their British Artists' Films umbrella.

O Zelador

Daren Bartlett’s documentary feature examines the social and cultural phenomenon of Capoeira, an artform with its roots in the poverty of the slums of Rio de Janeiro. Noel Megahey reviews.

Bill Douglas Trilogy

Bill Douglas's three films about his childhood and adolescence form one of the great British films of the last forty years. Gary Couzens reviews the BFI's two-disc DVD set.


We are the pigs!


It's like the Nineties had never happened...

In Bruges

What did Belgium ever do to Colin Farrell? Martin McDonagh's feature debut makes for a surprisingly substantial watch. The R1 disc is reviewed here by clydefro.

The Mysterious Cities of Gold

One of the greatest animated adventures of all time finally hits DVD thanks to Fabulous Films. Previously available only through HMV, it can be picked up from all stockists from June 23rd.

Terry And June: Series 8 (Volume 1)

Not quite the 'complete' eighth series as it is being widely advertised...

Water Lilies

Céline Sciamma’s fascinating debut feature looks at the complicated experience of female adolescence and attraction through synchronised swimming. Noel Megahey reviews the forthcoming UK DVD release of Naissance des pieuvres.

Doctor Who: K9 Tales Box Set - The Invisible Enemy

Mike Sutton looks at one of the discs from the recently released K9 Tales set from 2 Entertain.

Doctor Who: K9 Tales Box Set - K9 And Company

Bring your the slaughter! Or, failing that, Brendan!

My Blueberry Nights

The first English language feature of Wong Kar-wai hits R2 DVD. The film awkwardly retains the director's signatures, but struggles to break free from its own unevenness.

The Edge of Heaven (Auf der anderen Seite)

Six characters, German and Turkish, are brought together in The Edge of Heaven, director Fatih Akin's award-winning follow-up to Head-On. Review of Artificial Eye's Region 2 DVD by Gary Couzens.

One Two Another

Pascal Arnold and Jean-Marc Barr explore French youth attitudes and sexuality through a murder-mystery based on a real-life case. Noel Megahey reviews the UK DVD release of Chacun sa nuit from Peccadillo’s Petit Péché label.


Anthony Nield reviews the latest release from Second Run, the worldwide DVD premiere of Adoor Gopalakrishnan's Rat-Trap.

A Walk With Love And Death

One of John Huston's lesser known works gets a very nice R2 DVD from the BFI.

I'm a Cyborg

but that's (pretty much) ok.

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