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The Voyeur (Director's cut)

Tinto Brass - no one knows backsides better than he and John looks, just for research you understand, at the recent Cult Epics release of the director's cut of The Voyeur.

Lady Killer

Cagney tries to figure out whether he wants to be a gangster or a movie star. Why not have both? Mae Clarke again gets the heave ho.

Absolutely: Absolutely Everything!

"Yes, I do know how the dee-vee-dee does work!"

Picture Snatcher

James Cagney makes a lateral move from convict to tabloid photographer in this early '30s star vehicle, included in the Warner Bros. Gangsters Vol. 3 set.

I Am Legend: Special Edition (2 Discs)

The only living boy in New York...

Smart Money

The only film featuring both Edward G. Robinson and James Cagney makes its way onto DVD as part of Warner Bros.' Gangsters Collection, Vol 3.

The Wig

When a horrific hairpiece takes over Su-Hyeon, there will be hell toupée. We try to keep it sensible with the latest Korean horror from Tartan...


For you are dust and to dust you shall return...


War - muck, bullets and gore. This time from the Chinese perspective courtesy of Feng Xiaogang's Assembly, out soon on R2

Operation: Pussycat

Three busty chicks on a coastline trail find a small fortune under their nose, when a young, innocent girl leads them to a seedy old man living on a mountainside village. Nice.

The Green Green Grass: Series 2

I actually looked forward to watching this! How the years are catching up...

Don't Touch The Axe

Jacques Rivette turns to Balzac for the first time since La Belle Noiseuse for an intense period drama dangerous liaison starring Jeanne Balibar and Guillaume Depardieu.

Judge John Deed: Complete Series 3 & 4

Starring the actor Martin Shaw...

Welcome to the Jungle

Cannibal gut-munching returns in the shape of Jonathan Hensleigh's disappointingly tame new movie.

Mother of Tears

Three decades after starting his Three Mothers trilogy, Dario Argento comes full circle with Mother of Tears. Michael Mackenzie reviews Optimum's R2 UK release.

Heroes & Villains (BBC, 2 Disc)

Spartacus, Attila The Hun, Richard The Lionheart, Tokugawa Ieyasu and Hernan Cortez would have been one hell of a basketball team. No place for Napoleon, though...

Bonnie and Clyde

One of the great Hollywood films gets a great release from Warners, as Mike Sutton explains.

Doctor Who: Black Orchid

James takes a look at this atypical two-parter from Peter Davison's first season as the Doctor in 1982.

Holby Blue: Series 1

A police drama spun off a medical series, you say? Whatever next? Michael Mackenzie gets out his magnifying glass and gives Series 1 of Holby Blue a grilling in the interrogation room.

Oliver Twist (2007)

The BBC's version of Dickens' story, shown Christmas 2007, comes to DVD...

Dexter (Season One)

ITV showing good programme shock! John finishes off his breakfast and goes to work on the playback set for season one of Dexter

Death Note Volume 1

A high school student discovers a mystical notebook that will kill any person whose name is written inside it in this gripping dark thriller from the pages of Shōnen Jump. Matt Shingleton takes a look at MangaUK’s DVD release.


In 2004, Mike Figgis gathered a group of young European actors and filmmakers into a masterclass to form a Marxist collective that would make a film in five days. The result is Co/Ma.

Dig! (Remix Edition)

Mike Sutton looks at Tartan's second release of this excellent film which is, sadly, still far from definitive.

Daisy Kenyon

Otto Preminger's damaged love triangle starring Joan Crawford, Dana Andrews and Henry Fonda is one of the director's very finest films, but it's not film noir.

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