Review Archive: February 2008

Howard's Way: Series Four

Very choppy waters, both literally and metaphorically, in the fourth series of the BBC's glossy soap...

To The Manor Born - 25th Wedding Anniversary Special

Back to Grantleigh Manor for a silver wedding anniversary party...


Michael Brooke reviews the first official DVD release of Andrzej Wajda's Oscar-nominated drama. It's the great Polish director's most personal project ever - but does it match his earlier masterworks?

Jamaica Inn

Hitchcock's final film to be produced in Britain is a rather disappointing adaptation of du Maurier's gothic novel...

The Lady Vanishes

Intrigue and espionage abound in Hitchcock's The Lady Vanishes, now available as part of Network's Alfred Hitchcock: The British Years box-set...

Young And Innocent

A man tries to prove his innocence in Hitchcock's Young and Innocent whish is now available as part of Network's Alfred Hitchcock: The British Years box-set...


This early Hitchcock films about a gang of foreign saboteurs who are plotting to put a bomb on an underground train is now available as part of Network's Alfred Hitchcock: The British Years box-set...

Secret Agent

Noel Megahey reviews Hitchcock's 1936 espionage thriller, starring John Geilgud and Peter Lorre as an unlikely pair of British secret agents on the trail of a German agent in Switzerland. Released as part of Network's Alfred Hitchcock: The British Years collection.

The 39 Steps

One of the finest comedy-thrillers arrives on DVD once again...


This silent film by Alfred Hitchcock is based on a play by Constance Collier and is part of Network DVD's Alfred Hitchcock: The British Years collection...

The Man Who Knew Too Much

Remade for Hollywood in 1956, Hitchcock’s 1934 British original, featuring a delightfully menacing performance by Peter Lorre, is often considered the better of the two versions of this classic spy thriller.

The Lodger

Inspired by a book on Jack the Ripper of the same name, Hitchcock's The Lodger is now available as part of Network's Alfred Hitchcock: The British Years box-set...

The Pleasure Garden

Alfred Hitchcock’s action-filled melodrama about a selfish London chorus girl’s pursuit of pleasure to a point where it nearly causes her death is now available as part of Network’s Alfred Hitchcock: The British Years box-set…

Shredderman Rules!

Sadly, too few guitars are featured in this teen tale of revenge...

Roxy Hunter And The Mystery Of The Moody Ghost

Though I'm not sure what's more frightening...the ghost or Roxy's fashions!

Michael Clayton

George Clooney returns in an intelligent, suspenseful drama marking the directorial debut of hugely successful screenwriter Tony Gilroy.


Family secrets are uncovered in Evening, a romantic drama set in the mid-50s and now, with a high-powered cast. Review of the UK Region 2 disc by Gary Couzens.

L'Amore in Citta

Antonioni, Fellini and other less notable Italian gents tell stories of love in this 1953 compendium film. We take a look at the forthcoming Optimum disc.

Bleach Series 01 Part 02

Ichigo is forced into a dual with Quincy rival Ishida as Karakura Town is swamped with hollows in the concluding half of season one. Matt Shingleton reviews the R2UK release from Manga UK.


The latest film from Korean director Hur Jin-ho (Christmas in August, One Fine Spring Day), is a characteristically delicate treatment of a potentially melodramatic story of love and fatal illness. Noel Megahey reviews the 3-disc Korean Limited Edition.

Tetsujin 28: Volume 2

Noel Megahey continues his look at the new remake of the classic Japanese anime 'Gigantor'.

Tetsujin 28: Volume 1

Noel Megahey reviews the first volume of Manga Entertainment Region 2 release of a new remake of the classic Japanese anime 'Gigantor'.


Al Pacino and a lot of men who look like the Village People. John White takes a peek at the forthcoming UK release of William Friedkin's controversial thriller

Eight Taels of Gold

Mei Ah give Mabel Cheung's Eight Taels of Gold a new lease of life on DVD. Without action or slapstick, can Sammo Hung hack it? John finds out...

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Series 7 Part 2

It's a giant Gil Grissom!'s a miniature crime scene with a tiny little Sara Sidle figure...

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