Review Archive: December 2007

Mikio Naruse Collection

BFI collect three major films from the neglected master of Japanese post-war cinema into an impressive 3-disc box-set - Late Chrysanthemums, Floating Clouds and When A Woman Ascends The Stairs.

Black Sun

Painter Hugues de Montalembert's efforts to overcome being suddenly blinded form the basis of Black Sun, Gary Tarn's remarkable documentary meditation on perception, released on DVD by Second Run. Gary Couzens reviews the UK Region 0 release.

Ballet Shoes

Boxing Day's drama from the BBC comes to DVD...

The Eroticist

Senator Puppis is on the cusp of becoming president but his celibate reputation is at risk because of his wandering hands. Lucio Fulci does sex comedy and political satire and John looks at the Severin release

Dennis Potter at LWT Volume 2

Roger Keen reviews this latest release of archive Potter from Network, consisting of three early plays plus some South Bank Show interviews with the man.

Walt Disney Treasures - The Adventures of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Wave 7 of the Walt Disney Treasures is highlighted by the DVD debut of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, showcased in a new 2-disc set that includes a loving tribute to animator Ub Iwerks

The Muppet Christmas Carol: Anniversary Edition

It wouldn't be Christmas without it!

The Psychic

A bit of a Poe steal for the ending, but Fulci's Murder to the Tune of Seven Black Notes is one of the finest examples of the giallo you could hope to see. John takes a peek at the Severin release, entitled The Psychic.


On 5 February 2004, twenty-three Chinese cockle-pickers, in the country illegally, drowned in Morecambe Bay. Ghosts is Nick Broomfield's compelling and affecting dramatisation of the events leading up to the tragedy. Review of the UK Region 0 DVD from Tartan by Gary Couzens.

White Christmas

When, as is more likely, it'll be as grey as it always is...

Drunken Angel (Criterion)

Akira Kurosawa's first film with the then unheard of Toshiro Mifune is given the Criterion red carpet treatment. John celebrates one of the finest pairings of director and star in cinema...

The Two Ronnies: The Christmas Specials

Four Christmas Shows and two extra features make this a very attractive package.

Donal MacIntyre's Underworld

"Wouldn't hurt a fly...loves his movver!"

The Bourne Ultimatum: Exclusive Ultimate Edition (2 Disc Set)

"If I was in the CIA, I would kill anyone who got in my way!"

The Morecambe and Wise Christmas Specials

Eight of the great Christmas Shows in one three-disc set.

Naruto The Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow

Naruto and friends finally make the move to the big screen, where the indomitable young ninja is hired to protect a princess from a band of evil ninjas in the land of snow. Matt Shingleton reviews the r2uk DVD release.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End: Special Edition (2 Disc Set)

And it does feel like the world will end long before the film does...

Dirt: The Complete First Season

clydefro has the scoop on the R1 release of Dirt: The Complete First Season, starring Courteney Cox as the editor of a celebrity gossip magazine

12:08 East of Bucharest

The Romanian revolution is remembered and considered from the perspective of a small-town TV chat show in a low-key comedy from new director Corneliu Porumbiou. Noel Megahey reviews Artificial Eye's UK DVD release.

December Boys

December Boys is a period drama from Australia, showcasing Daniel Radcliffe's first major acting role outside Harry Potter. Gary Couzens reviews the Region 1 release from Warners.

Straw Dogs

Peckinpah's best film outside of his westerns is given a two disc treatment in this German R2 set. John White knows the way home...

The Two Jakes

Paramount complements their R1 Chinatown special edition with a simultaneous release of the film's sequel The Two Jakes. As far as detective period pieces go, it's no Chinatown, but the follow-up still deserves a look.

Marketa Lazarova

Our good friends unleash some more Eastern European goodiesand we wolf them down. John looks at the Czech Citizen Kane...

2001: A Space Odyssey: Special Edition

Kubrick's wonderful movie looks better than ever in this 2-disc special edition from Warners.

Heroes, Season 1 Part 2

It finished last week on BBC2, so now to the DVD...

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