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Dead Silence

From the makers of Saw...


Continuing the joint celebration of Halloween and the Italian theatrical release of The Third Mother, Michael Mackenzie reviews the recent Italian R2 release of Inferno, Dario Argento's third film in the Three Mothers trilogy.


They should count themselves lucky...most hotel room movie channels are encrypted after one minute...

Suspiria: Definitive Edition

To celebrate Halloween, and to coincide with the Italian theatrical release of Mother of Tears, Dario Argento's concluding part to the Three Mothers trilogy, Michael Mackenzie has reviewed the recent R2 Italian "Definitive Edition" of the first instalment, Suspiria, which comes in a nifty metal tin.


Stuck in a room, watching terrible things and feeling excrutiating pain...that's what I felt. Now over to Elisha Cuthert who's being tortured in a room somewhere...

Hostel Part II: Unseen Edition

There was almost a murder at the last hostel I stayed at. But farting, rather than sadistic thrills, was to blame...


It's Halloween at Times week again. Kev reviews a five-part South Korean drama involving vampires and humans who simply wish to love one another. Awe.

That Mitchell and Webb Look - Series 1

The sketch show is alive and well as Mitchell and Webb return to the BBC.

Lazytown: Go Go Lazytown

Not, unfortunately, packaged with a free Stephanie wig of Sportacus outfit...

Family Guy Season 6

Where are those good old fashioned values on which we used to rely?

Raven: The Warrior's Collection

Warriors...let the challenge begin!

Roary The Racing Car: Roary's First Day

From Milkshake, comes with story of a little red racing car, helped along by the voice of Peter Kay...

Sarah Jane Adventures - Invasion of the Bane

Finally! They've followed up K-9 And Company...

TMNT: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

RAISE SOME SHELL! (Thanks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Comic!)


Fresh from cinema screens in the UK, comes Johnny To's Exiled. The best gangster film in ages, says John....

Die Hard 4.0

Since patched by Microsoft to make it Die Hard 4.1...

Brain Damage

A talking worm? LSD? And death-by-fellatio? It's more Henenlotter!

Lady Ninja Kasumi: Vol. 1

Kev brings you the reviews that no one else will. Here he takes a look at a film involving sexy ninjas, only it's not really that sexy at all. Bugger.

Edvard Munch

Peter Watkin's Edvard Munch is one of the finest film biographies of an artist ever made, and it receives a fine edition from Eureka as part of their Masters of Cinema line. Review of the UK Region 0 release by Gary Couzens.

Half Nelson

Teacher's on crack in Half Nelson, featuring an Oscar-nominated performance from Ryan Gosling. Gary Couzens reviews the UK Region 0 release from Axiom.

Election Volume 2

The second part of Johnny To's Election films hits DVD courtesy of Optimum. John White takes a Lok (geddit?)....

Planet Terror

Half of the Grindhouse double bill, Robert Rodriguez's tale of chemical weapons and Zombies hits R1 DVD. But is these eggs good enough, John finds out...

My Little Bride

Kev takes a look at a nice little romantic offering from South Korea, which has been kindly supplied by our new friends over at YA Entertainment.

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