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Century Falls

As a new series of Doctor Who begins, Gary Couzens looks back at Russell T. Davies's 1993 serial Century Falls, a horror story for children, released on disc by 2 Entertain.

La Vie Promise

A prostitute (Isabelle Huppert) and her estranged daughter go on the run in Olivier Dahan’s glossy road-movie, released in the US by Empire Pictures. Noel Megahey reviews.

Moses The Lawgiver

Writing them in chronological order, before Jesus Of Nazareth and A.D. Anthony Burgess wrote and ITC produced Moses The Lawgiver, a typical Burgess piece, full of as many doubts as it marvels at the history of Christianity...

Murder, She Wrote: Season Four

The residents of DVD Times grow nervous as Jessica Fletcher arrives in town...

The Party And The Guests

Noel Megahey reviews the Second Run release of Jan Nĕmec’s subversive parable of authoritarianism and society, released in 1966 and promptly “banned forever” by the Czech authorities.

Jinki: Extend. 01

New from ADV is this enticing series, in which a young girl is taken to Venezuela and trained to pilot the ultimate fighting machine, lest Japan falls foul of a real bad terror.

Criminal Minds: The First Series

Mandy Patinkin heads up an FBI Behavioural Analysis Unit in this top-rated criminal drama series. The complete first season is presented well in the UK by Buena Vista and is available to buy now...


From the director of "When the Last Sword is Drawn" comes a romantic action fantasy, based upon a smash hit Kabuki play. Ashura is available to own on DVD in the UK thorugh Yume Pictures.

La Belle Captive

vampirism dream logic real and fiction archetypes noir death and betrayal lacking fluidity Letterboxed abou 1.5:1 print is far from great skin tones too red contrast greyish lack of detail colour balance lacking grain? sound - pops minor distortion on treble and dialogue extras - trailer and koch lorber trailers

The Page Turner

Noel Megahey reviews the Artificial Eye release of Denis Dercourt’s cool, calculated revenge thriller served up in classic French style.

Masayuki Suo DVD Collection

Shall We Dance? earned Masayuki Suo some well earned fame here in the West back in the late 90’s and now IVL have released a boxset containing this 90’s classic and 2 of the director’s celebrated earlier works: Fancy Dance and Sumo Do, Sumo Don’t.

Playboy Cinema Collection: Love Circles

Love travels the world in this bed-hopping romp from Paris and back that finally delivers some hardcore!

Playboy Cinema Collection: Frank And I

In which aristocratic Charles Beaumont goes for a ride on horseback only to welcome home a young boy who, it turns out, is actually a girl. Oddly, that's the exact opposite of what happens to many a drunked tourist in Bangkok...

Playboy Cinema Collection: Ecstasy

If you suspected Britt Ekland had no shame after her marrying Rod Stewart, your suspicions will be confirmed after seeing her in Ecstasy...

Playboy Cinema Collection: Christina - Playgirl Of The Western World

In which a red 1958 Plymouth Fury takes revenge...wrong film. Although this does feature a woman having a red sports car being driven through her pubic hair. A toy one, mind!

Playboy Cinema Collection: Black Venus

"How come you taste so good?" Well, near enough so as not to matter...

Charlie And Lola: Vol 5

Lauren Child's lovable brother and sister are back with the first seven episodes from the show's second series...

Happy Feet

Little Mumble doesn't have a song in his heart but that doesn't stop him from falling in love, saving the fish stocks and tap-dancing his way to freedom!

CBeebies Carry Me Collection

Eight CBeebies favourites, released individually at less than £5 each and in sturdy and colourful carry cases that are just perfect for small hands...

Romeo, Juliet And Darkness

This 1960 Czech drama is set during the German occupation of Prague, where a young man is keeping a Jewish girl hidden, despite the threat of serious consequences. Noel Megahey reviews Second Run’s DVD release.


A young Parisian couple make a journey from France to Algeria, on foot, to discover their roots. Tony Gatlif’s powerful film however is not your usual road-movie – it’s an experience like no other.


Whilst Pedro Almodóvar and Penélope Cruz were shamelessly robbed of Oscars for their work, Volver remains a compelling and reassuringly self-indulgent pleasure. Out now on Region 3 DVD, this review is brought to you by Richard Booth and CD-WOW.


James reviews Mike Judge's ill-fated comedy about a slacker who travels five hundred years into a future run by a society of morons.


The director of the cult All Night Long series asks how far a person would go to attain beauty, and would it ever provide true happiness in this latest release from UK distributor Terra.

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