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Love + Hate

A look at mixed race relationships in UK inner cities, Dominic Savage’s debut feature film shows some promise and fine new young British acting talent. Noel Megahey reviews the UK DVD release from Verve Pictures.

Splatter: Naked Blood

Discotek release a psychological tale from Hisayasu Sato, putting plenty of emphasis on its splatter aspects and underlying social commentary. Available to own on DVD now.

Days of Youth

Early silent comic effort from Yasujiro Ozu. John White sees if the master could do slapstick....

Driving Lessons

Julie Walters offers Rupert Grint lessons in life, love and Christianity in this British comedy...

Snakes on a Plane

There’s a guy who witnesses a murder, he meets a cop, they go on a plane, there’s loads of snakes on the plane. Kev reviews the cultiest film of 2006, which is available to own on R1 DVD from Jan 2nd.

Hana Yori mo Naho

Hirokazu Koreeda makes his first period feature with this warm tale of a young samurai struggling to come to terms with his duty to revenge his deceased father and his own desires to lead his own life devoid of violence. Matt Shingleton takes a look at Bandai’s r2j DVD.

Mikadroid: Robokill Beneath Disco Club Layla

Merry Xmas! Here's a review of a sci-fi/horror film from Discotek, you lucky so and so's.

8 Films de Jean Paul Civeyrac

Noel Megahey reviews the French 4-DVD set of the complete films of one of the most interesting new French filmmakers, eight films that explore the indistinct boundary between past and present, physical and spiritual, the living and the dead.

The Paul Newman Collection: The Young Philadelphians

Gary Couzens continues his series of reviews from Warner's R1 Paul Newman Collection. The Young Philadelphians is one of two films not included in the UK alternative...

Bullet in the Head

Fortune Star have released what they call an "Ultimate Edition" of John Woo's very personal A Bullet In the Head. Deleted scenes, alternate endings and lots of explosions await you....

Rising Damp (British Comedy Collection)

British comedy star Leonard Rossiter brought his Rigsby to cinemas with this movie spinoff but is it as good as the television show? Or even the Cinzano advertisements?

'Till Death Us Do Part

Following on from Eddie Booth, another small-screen bigot arrives in the cinema, this time in the shape of Alf Garnett...

Love Thy Neighbour

"You white poof!" "You blackie!" "Gunga Din!" Dragging race relations back a century or two, this Vince Powell-scripted sitcom is a stain on the history of the British sitcom, the film spinoff of which is reviewed here...

Steptoe And Son Double Bill

Those much-loved rag'n'bone men see their two spinoff films come to DVD courtesy of Optimum in this two-disc pack...

World Trade Center: Two Disc Commemorative Edition

Based on the true story of two Port Authority police officers - John McLoughlin and William Jimeno - trapped under the rubble of the World Trade Center, this is a surprisingly apolitical work from Oliver Stone...

The Paul Newman Collection: The Left Handed Gun

Paul Newman plays Billy the Kid in The Left Handed Gun, the big-screen debut of director Arthur Penn. Gary Couzens continues his look at the Paul Newman Collection box set with this Region 1 DVD from Warners.

Ooh, You Are Awful

Dick Emery's colourful cast of characters appear in this crime caper, in which his Charlie Tully must carefully uncover the bums of various English lovelies in a search for the code of a safety deposit box...

School for Scoundrels

or How to Win Without Actually Cheating! And so Alistair Sim takes Ian Carmichael on a course of lifemanship in one of the most entertaining British comedies ever made...

The Paul Newman Collection: Somebody Up There Likes Me

Gary Couzens begins a series of reviews of the Region 1 release of the Paul Newman Collection, with a look at Newman's breakthrough film of 1956, Somebody Up There Likes Me.

The Definitive Ealing Studios Collection: Part 2

The second part of this review of The Definitive Ealing Studios Collection continues with The Man In The White Suit, The Lavender Hill Mob and The Ladykillers...

The Definitive Ealing Studios Collection: Part 1

The first part of this review of The Definitive Ealing Studios Collection opens with Dead Of Night, Passport To Pimlico and Kind Hearts And Coronets...

Naruto Unleashed Series 1:2

The 2nd Unleashed boxset features another 13 all-action episodes for Anime fans to drool over. Out on Boxing Day, Matt Shingleton takes a look.

Earthlings: Ugly Bags Of Mostly Water

There is a tendency, when one is watching this, to nod one's head and think about quickly moving on...

Take That - The Ultimate Tour

Mark! Gary! Howard! Jason! Robbie! No, not Robbie but the rest of the band are here, showing up ten years after they first left us to perform a set of greatest hits for thousands of screaming girls...

An Inconvenient Truth

Mike Sutton reviews Paramount's upcoming disc of one of the best films of 2006.

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