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Willie Nelson: Some Enchanted Evening

The country'n'western star leaves Nashville for an audience of awfully dull types who look as though they'd suffer anyone so long as the dinner satisfies...


Released in time for the forthcoming World Cup, which will end with 31 teams leaving disappointed, this four-disc set looks at those who make it into the game but who are often crushed by the experience...


Bruno Dumont's controversial and graphic film about the investigation of the brutal rape and murder of an 11 year old girl, caused a stir when it was awarded the Grand Prix at Cannes in 1999. Coinciding with the director winning the Grand Prix at Cannes yet again for his latest film ‘Flanders’, Noel Megahey reviews Artificial Eye's UK DVD release.

Sex is Zero

Kev reviews one of the biggest grossing South Korean comedies of all time. Sex is Zero is filled to the brim with gross out humour and boobies; available to own now from Panik House.

Every Little Thing (La Moindre des choses)

Second Run gives us another look at another film by Nicolas Philibert - possibly the best documentary maker in operation. La Moindre Des Choses brings us into the psychiatric institute of La Borde as the patients and staff prepare for their annual play...

Napoleon Dynamite (Like, The Best Special Edition Ever!)

A new edition of the popular nerd comedy contains new extra features and commentaries. But does it live up to the title and is it worth the upgrade? Noel Megahey reviews.

The Heroin Busters

Michael Mackenzie has reviewed The Heroin Busters, a high-speed, action-packed crime thriller from Enzo G. Castellari starring Fabio Testi (The Big Racket), David Hemmings (Blow-up) and Sherry Buchanan (Zombie Holocaust). Blue Underground's R0 US release of the film also includes an excellent audio commentary with the director.

The A-Team: The Complete Third Season

Fortitious timing given the recent and well-received showing of Bring Back...The A-Team...

Airwolf: The Complete First Season

Universal's answer to Blue Thunder comes piloted by the troubled Stringfellow Hawke who goes back into action in pursuit of a super-powered helicopter if the US government rescue his MIA brother...

British Artists' Films: Chris Welsby

Anthony Nield reviews the second release in bfi Video's British Artists' Films series which focuses on the work of Chris Welsby, landscape artist and pioneer of the moving-image installation in Britain, whose subtle meditations are exhibited in museums and galleries around the world.


Courtesy of the chaps and chapessessess at Yesasia, Kev takes a look at the pleasently surprising "Nana", based upon a popular girls manga, starring pop sensation Mika Nakashima and Aoi Miyazaki.

The Poseidon Adventure (2-Disc Special Edition)

Produced by ‘master of disaster’ Irwin Allen and directed by Ronald Neame, this 1972 disaster movie features an all star cast led by Gene Hackman. Dave Foster reviews this two-disc special edition released through Fox Home Entertainment which offers a great transfer and some fine extras.

Little House on the Prairie (Season 2)

Morphine addiction, hallucinations, tornadoes and racism...was that really what Little House on the Prairie was all about...

The Atrocity Exhibition

Jonathan Weiss's film adaptation of J.G. Ballard's "unfilmable" non-linear narrative is a powerful and disturbing experimental work that dissects the key events and modern neuroses of an insane society. The film is released on DVD in Europe by Reel23. Noel Megahey reviews.

Lady Vengeance

Mike Sutton takes a look at Tartan's disappointing R0 release of Park Chan-wook's scintillatingly cinematic "Lady Vengeance".

Dead & Breakfast

With screenshots that are most certainly not safe for work...

The Big Racket

Hot dang! That crazy basket Michael Mackenzie ends up in the diddly when he reviews The Big Racket, another 1970s poliziotteschi offering from that son of a gun Enzo G. Castellari.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Series 5 Part 1

The first half of CSI's fifth season comes to DVD on Region 2 some months after R1 customers could have picked up the entire season...

Chigley: The Complete Series

The final part of Gordon Murray's Trumptonshire series comes to DVD looking a little better than its predecessors in something of a 'greatest hits' of that particular part of the country...

Boston Legal: Season 1

The Practice's offspring enjoys a Season One DVD release, while we wait for more of David E. Kelley's productions to surface. Boston Legal is a fine entry into Kelley's canon of work and Kev finds out if the R1 release is up to scratch.

Fists in the Pocket (I pugni in tasca)

Gary Couzens has reviewed the Region 1 release of Fists in the Pocket, a 1965 film directed by Marco Bellocchio that remains a controversial landmark in Italian cinema. Criterion's DVD is up to their usual standards visually and aurally, though with fewer extras.


A grand personal indulgence or an exploration of the mind and thought process of one of Japan’s greatest filmmakers? Courtesy of YesAsia, Noel Megahey reviews the Japanese Region 2 edition of Takeshi Kitano’s surreal autobiographical film – as unique and ambitious as the man himself.

Late Spring (Criterion Collection)

Noel Megahey reviews the Criterion Collection 2-disc edition of Yasujiro Ozu's classic 1949 film - a typically perceptive and moving account of family relationships, this time between a widowed father and his unmarried daughter - and compares it to the Tartan Region 2 edition.

Kingdom of Heaven (Director's Cut)

Finally released in director Ridley Scott's intended form, this 191-minute cut of Kingdom of Heaven adds an extra 40 minutes of characterisation and plot development. But is it worth the wait? Richard Booth finds out courtesy of and the 4-disc DVD which is released on May 23rd, 2006.

Lower City (Cidade Baixa)

Lower City is the story of two men and the woman who comes between them. This Brazilian film is released tomorrow by Verve Pictures on Region 2. Review by Gary Couzens

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