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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Bex has reviewed Monday's upcoming R2 release of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Buena Vista, and finds it to be a reasonably hoopy DVD that knows where its towel is.

Silver Hawk

Anthony Nield has reviewed the latest Region 2 release from Momentum Asia, Jingle Ma's Silver Hawk. A juvenile superhero flick starring Michelle Yeoh, it is likely that its 15 certificate will lose the film much of its target audience.


Released alongside the popular horror classic Onibaba on r2uk, Kuroneko lacks the grittiness, but achieves an even greater sense of haunting lyricism than its more famous predecessor. Tragic, delicate, and scary as hell! Matt.S looks at the next entry in Eureka’s excellent Masters of Cinema Series

The Perfect Murder

Gary Couzens has reviewed the Region 2 release of The Perfect Murder, a crime caper set in Bombay. This minor Merchant Ivory Production gets a nothing-special DVD release.

Early Cinema: Primitives and Pioneers

Anthony Nield has reviewed the BFI's forthcoming Region 2 release of Early Cinema : Pioneers and Practitioners, a two-disc set which collects some truly wonderful examples of cinema's efforts, from the early actuality shorts of the Lumiere brothers to Edwin S. Porter's magnificent The Great Train Robbery.

Riding Giants

Anthony Nield reviews the recent Region 2 release of Riding Giants. Stacy Peralta's follow-up to the acclaimed Dogtown and Z-Boys, this surfing documentary may not be an as immediately appealing work, but offers its own pleasures nonetheless.

Bad Boy Bubby

Gary Couzens has reviewed the Australian Region 0 release of Bad Boy Bubby. Rolf de Heer's cult black comedy is certainly not for everyone, but it's well served on DVD in a two-disc edition from Umbrella Entertainment. This review is the first in an occasional series covering the versatile and often controversial de Heer's work on DVD.

Kung Fu Hustle

Stephen Chow's follow-up to the wonderful 'Shaolin Soccer' sees the director expanding his use of martial art techniques and CGI effects, but is it to the expense of the comedy? Noel Megahey reviews the Region 1 release from Sony Picture Classics.

Napoleon Dynamite

Anthony Nield takes a look at the Region 2 release of Napoleon Dynamite, an amusing but ultimately empty experience, here given a fine presentation but also shackled with disappointing extra features content.

Into The Night

John Landis' brilliant Into The Night starring Jeff Goldblum and Michelle Pfeiffer is one of the director's best films, exploring the inner-workings of modern day, pop-culture identity. Daniel Stephens reviews the region 1 edition.

The Bodyguard

Anthony Nield has reviewed the Region 2 release of The Bodyguard, perhaps the most preposterously entertaining action-comedy to hit these shores since City Hunter.

The Mighty Boosh: Series One

Anthony Nield has reviewed the two-disc release of The Mighty Boosh : Series One, a surreal, yet charmingly innocent series backed up by a healthy dose of extras.

I, Claudius

In America, the HBO/BBC co-production "Rome" debuts today, billed as the new "I Claudius". Graham Nelson looks back at the 1976 original, one of the all-time classics of British television, and asks: where did it all go right?

Friday Night Lights

Anthony Nield has reviewed the Region 2 release of Friday Night Lights, an agreeable if overly serious American football flick from Peter Berg. Fans of the film will no doubt be pleased with the superb presentation and fine selection of extras.


Michael Mackenzie has reviewed the recent Region 1 release of Dario Argento's Trauma. As interesting as the bonus materials are, Anchor Bay have ultimately provided a disappointing release that suffers from poor image quality and fails to reinstate any of the material missing from the English-language prints (despite claims to the contrary on the cover).

Strip Jack Naked: Nighthawks II

Anthony Nield reviews Strip Jack Naked, Ron Peck's autobiographical look at his life as a gay man during the sixties and seventies and a gay filmmaker during the seventies and eighties.

Love (Szerelem)

Mark Boydell gets bowled over by Szerelem (Love) - another excellent release by Second Run and one of the most moving films he has ever seen.

Mountain Patrol (Kekexili)

A Beijing reporter joins a volunteer patrol group trying to capture poachers who are decimating herds of Tibetan antelope, and witnesses first hand the wonders and dangers of the Kekexili region. A 2004 success in China, based on a real-life story.

Notre Musique

Mark Boydell takes a look at Godard's latest film, the experimental Notre Musique which sets out to eat more than it can can really chew but still comes through pretty strongly.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Robert Zemeckis' directorial debut finally hits DVD - this little gem goes back to 1964 and The Beatles' appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, as a group of friends head to New York to meet their idols.

Slaughterhouse Five

Between The Sting and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, George Roy Hill took a break from the mainstream and adapted Kurt Vonnegut's complex anti-war novel, Slaughterhouse Five. The result is still very interesting thirty years later and is given a good transfer by Universal.

Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things

Anthony Nield has reviewed Anchor Bay's Region 2 release of Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things, an intermittently amusing Night of the Living Dead knock-off, here presented in a shortened form.

Black Joy

Anthony Nield has reviewed a welcome Region 0 release of Black Joy, Britain's one and only blaxploitation movie and a highly enjoyable one at that.


Kaneto Shindo’s masterpiece of Asian cinema takes an old Buddhist story about and weaves it into an intoxicating cocktail of eroticism, horror and scathing social criticism. A much loved classic brought lovingly to r2UK courtesy of Eureka and the Masters of Cinema.

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