Review Archive: July 2005

Bewitched: The Complete First Season

Bex takes a nostalgic look at the R2 release of the first series of Bewitched, the magical sitcom starring Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick York.

The Wire: The Complete First Season

From David Simon, creator and co-writer of HBO's triple Emmy-winning mini-series 'The Corner', this unvarnished, highly realistic HBO series follows a single sprawling drug and murder investigation in Baltimore. Hugh K. David investigates the Region 2 DVD release...

Merci, La Vie

In what is one of Bertrand Blier's more daring and difficult films, Camille and Joelle travel through France and through time on a road trip that will take them from a modern-day wedding party to a Nazi concentration camp...


The film that created Touchstone pictures, showed the world the kid from Happy Days could direct films, and introduced us to Tom Hanks - Splash is an terrifically endearing little comedy, and Daniel Stephens takes a look at region 2 DVD.


Cliff Spab is a smalltown loser working in a burger bar until 36 days of captivity in a convenience store turns him into a very famous loser...

The Street With No Name

Another addition to Fox's Noir series, Street With No Name is the second installement in the adventures of Inspector Briggs after James Stewart's Call Northside 777. The uneasy official sponsership of the FBI makes the film overly wholesome and in no ways as nihilistic as some of the best Noirs. Still it's an entertaining romp though hardly a classic of the genre

Never Let Go

MGM present an early Peter Sellers film with the comedian working very much against type in a serious role as the ruthless boss of a car-theft operation. Noel Megahey reviews the Region 1 release.

Night Moves

Rated by many critics as one of the defining films of the 70s, Arthur Penn's 'Night Moves' makes it debut on DVD at last in this R1 disk from Warner Bros. Nat Tunbridge takes a look.


The second of two R1 Warner Bros. DVDs accorded The second

Assassination Tango

Robert Duvall writes, directs and stars in this character piece about a hitman called away from his home on a job who finds the time to relax when he begins learning the tango...

Murder Investigation Team: The Complete Series One

Spun off from The Bill and being set in the same Sun Hill patch, this series follows a forensics team as they investigate brutal crimes, including, in the first episode, the death of a cop from The Bill...

Mambo Italiano

Anthony Nield has reviewed the Region 2 release of Mambo Italiano, a truly awful attempt at emulating with success of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, albeit with a gay twist.

Deep Rising (1998)

Daniel Stephens reviews Stephen Sommers' wonderful retread of modern horror and action film cliches, in Deep Rising - a film that doesn't have an original bone in its body, but it's all the better for it.

Man Of The House

Set to be released on the 8th of August, Daniel Stephens reviews this region 2 edition of comedy Man Of The House - Tommy Lee Jones stars as a Texas Ranger trying to protect five cheerleaders after they witnessed a murder.

R.O.D. The TV Series (Volume 2: The Undercover Student)

Bex has reviewed the R2 release of R.O.D. The TV (Volume 2: The Undercover Student) by MVM and finds the action still going strong with the Paper Sisters.

Remington Steele: Season 1

Bex has reviewed the R1 release of the first season of Remington Steele, a fun detective series from the 80s which has since become more famous for launching Pierce Brosnan than for its own merits.

A Very Long Engagement

Michael Mackenzie has reviewed the recent R1 release of A Very Long Engagement, the latest film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet which finds him on familiar ground, reteaming him with Amélie's Audrey Tautou. Warner's 2-disc release is feature-packed but has a slightly disappointing transfer.

Doctor Who: Revelation of the Daleks

Colin Baker's best story?

The Hillside Strangler

Mike Sutton reviews the Tartan Region 0 disc of "The Hillside Strangler", a worthless film given a pretty good DVD release.

I Love You To Death

Daniel Stephens takes a look at Lawrence Kasdan's attempt to bring the true-life tale of a wife trying to kill her philandering husband, in I Love You To Death on this region 2 DVD.


A young man falls for a woman in a bar and finds his life spiralling out of control in this Danish film which also looks at deconstructing the filmmaking process and examining the nature of creativity. A Cannes Camera D'Or winner in 2003 for first time director, Christoffer Boe.

Trop Belle Pour Toi

Despite being married to the beautiful Carole Bouquet, Gérard Depardieu has an affair with his secretary, the dowdy Josiane Balasko and so tries to find love despite Blier mocking him...

Blake's 7 - Series Three

Graham Nelson has reviewed the third season of Blake's Seven, BBC1's classic space opera from 1980. Zen, 360 orbital! Raise the force wall! Clear the neutron blasters for firing!

The Naked Island

Kev reviews director, Kaneto Shindo's 1960 masterpiece; available for the first time on DVD in the west. The Naked Island is available to own on DVD from today as part of Eureka's "Masters of Cinema" series.

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