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Angel: Season 5

Angel and co. return to kick demon ass in LA for the final time in Angel: Season Five, released on a feature-packed R1 DVD by 20th Century Fox. Review by Michael Mackenzie.

Coffee and Cigarettes

Independent filmmaker Jim Jarmusch’s latest offering is a collection of eleven conversations, featuring celebrities such as Cate Blanchett, Steve Coogan, and Bill Murray. Now released by Tartan, Michael Sunda takes his with plenty of sugar…

OldBoy 2-Disc SE

Park Chan-Wook's much anticipated and highly controversial Korean revenge flick is given a meticulously detailed 2-disc DVD release by Tartan. The film is a stylish blend of arthouse invention and Charles Bronson-esque brutality that ultimately falls short of expectations. Alex Hewison reviews.

Invitation to a Gunfighter

Anthony Nield has reviewed the region 2 release of Invitation of a Gunfighter. A Yul Brynner Western, the film often touches on a number of interesting themes, but never has the conviction to engage with them fully. Aiding the disappointment is a presentation that is never better than lacklustre.

Hiroshima Mon Amour

Kev reviews Alain Resnais's 1959 masterpiece, which is available to buy tomorrow thanks to Nouveaux Pictures

Lesa Lesa

Another Tamil cinema release, Lesa Lesa is a romantic comedy - starring Vivek, naturally - that doesn't quite convince, but has plenty of colour, music, comedy and action.


Noel Megahey has tremendous fun watching another recent Tamil cinema blockbuster, starring Vikram, Jyotika and Vivek - which means plenty of action, comedy, romance and some great music and dance numbers. Pure unadulterated entertainment.

New York New York

Mike Sutton takes a look at the R1 MGM release of "New York New York", available on its own and as part of the 4 film Martin Scorsese Collection. It's a failure but an ambitious and rather beautiful failure which deserves to be seen. The quality of the DVD is frustratingly inconsistent.

Little Britain: The Comic Relief Special

Ken Russell may not be a fan but for those that are Anthony Nield has reviewed the region 2 release of Little Britain : The Comic Relief Special, a charity DVD available exclusively through HMV.

Before Sunset

Nine years after they met in Vienna, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy meet up again in Paris in Before Sunset, Richard Linklater's fine follow-up to Before Sunrise. Gary Couzens reviews the Region 2 release which again has good picture and sound but extras are a little lacking.

Before Sunrise

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy meet by chance in Vienna and spend the day and night together in Richard Linklater's 1995 cult favourite Before Sunrise. Gary Couzens reviews the Region 2 release which is available singly or in a box set with its sequel Before Sunset. The DVD picture and sound are good, but extras are sparse.


Anthony Nield has reviewed the region 2 release of Geronimo. Of the various Westerns gaining a bare bones release from MGM, this is undoubtedly one of the worst. In 1962 its sympathetic treatment of the Apaches may have been forward thinking, but now strikes the viewer as both muddled and hopelessly dated.

Final Fantasy: Unlimited — Phase 6

The penultimate volume of this 25 episode series offers surprisingly little in terms of story development, but continues to offer satisfying fantasy adventuring suitable for all ages. Dave Foster reviews...

Raging Bull 25th Anniversary Special Edition

Mike Sutton takes a look at the MGM R1 release of "Raging Bull", a new 2 disc Special Edition available as part of the their five disc Scorsese Collection. A great movie is now given the treatment it should have been given five years ago.

Angel on the Right

Anthony Nield has reviewed the region 0 release of Angel on the Right. A nicely understated Tajikistan drama, Tartan have released the film with the bare minimum of extras but also a pleasingly crisp transfer.

Angelic Layer - Volume 6: Inherit The Layer

There's only one more volume after this. So far things have been great and volume 6 surprises on plenty of levels this time. Kev keeps up with Misaki and Hikaru as they fight on - right on!


"Every puzzle has its pieces". That's certainly true with Saw, a successful horror film with bite. D.J. Nock reviews the Region 1 release of James Wan's modern cult favourite, now available from Lion's Gate...

Creepshow 2: Special Edition

The Creep is our guide for three horrific tales "from the minds of Stephen King and George Romero". D.J. Nock reviews Anchor Bay's deluxe edition of Creepshow 2, now available in a crypt near you...


Anthony Nield has reviewed the region 2 release of Saved!, a faintly amusing but generally toothless satire on religious fundamentalism. Despite its low key performance in the UK, MGM have granted the film with the special edition treatment, though the extras are largely of little consequence.

Look At Me (Comme Une Image)

Noel Megahey reviews Pathé’s UK Region 2 release of ‘Comme Une Image’, from the acclaimed writing/acting/directing team of Agnès Jaoui and Jean-Pierre Bacri. An overweight girl with singing talent tries to rise out of the shadow of her father’s fame and be judged for her own abilities.

Western Approaches

Anthony Nield has reviewed DD Video's region 2 release of Western Approaches. A classic of wartime propaganda cinema, the film's documentary techniques and non-professional actors, not to mention Jack Cardiff's superb Technicolor photography, mean that it still holds up remarkalby well to this day. As a bonus, the disc also comes with excellent presentation and a pair of worthwhile extras.

Bang Rajan

One of the few Thai films to be released on DVD in the UK, Bang Rajan is an epic film that shows the outnumbered Siamese villagers bravely fight off wave after wave of attacks from Burmese invaders. Premier Asia have released it on a two-disc Collector's Edition, which is out to own later this month.

The Manson Family

Anthony Nield has reviewed Anchor Bay's region 2 release of The Manson Family. No better than any other trashy exploitation flick - despite its filmmakers' claims - the company have at least offered it a fine presentation and given it the two-disc special edition treatment. Not all the extras are worthwhile, but for fans of the picture the second disc houses some interesting material.

I'm With Lucy

Anthony Nield has reviewed Momentum's region 2 release of I'm With Lucy, a high concept but ultimately wafer-thin romantic comedy than looks merely adequate on disc and offers only the slightest of special features.

Final Fantasy: Unlimited — Phase 5

The adventurers continue their journey through Wonderland in Volume 5 of Final Fantasy: Unlimited which contains three episodes for Dave to explore in more detail...

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