Review Archive: July 2004

Adolf Hitler - My Part In His Downfall

Karl Wareham takes a look at an odd little British film, based on the Autobiographical work by Peter Sellers of the same title, the film is a flawed, yet interesting, look at Sellers experiences through his army training days. A good disc as far as picture quality and sound are concerned, but one with not a single extra.

Police Academy: The Complete Collection

Featuring 7 movies, the "Police Academy" franchise strikes fear into the heart of movie critics. D.J. Nock takes one for the site, and reviews the complete collection, released by Warner last month. Read on to see if he made it to the end...

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

Gary Couzens has reviewed the Region 1 release of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, the 1969 film featuring an Oscar-winning performance from Maggie Smith as a larger-than-life Edinburgh schoolteacher in the 1930s. The DVD is a fine release from Fox Studio Classics.


Two lesbian punks in Buenos Aires abduct a girl, hijack a taxi and head out of the city on a road-movie voyage of discovery. A humorous, off-beat and prize-winning exploration of relationships from first-time director Diego Lerman.

The Dreamers

Three young film-buff students play-out games and discover their own sexuality during the May 1968 riots in Paris. Too much sex and not enough violence?

Dead And Buried

Mike Sutton has reviewed the new Anchor Bay R2 Special Edition of the intelligent and effective horror film "Dead And Buried". The disc is somewhat disappointing on the visual front but contains some marvellous extra features.

The Bourne Identity (Special Edition)

Released on the 9th August to coincide with the theatrical release of The Bourne Supremacy a few days later, this extras-heavy SE loses the director's commentary and DTS soundtrack of the existing release...


Kev takes a look at the CG animated feature, released on July 27th through ArtsMagic.


Released today Carandiru is an impressive prison drama from Brazil. Based on true events, it tells the story of the Carandiru prison and its inmates, 111 of whom were massacred by roit police, causing a national outcry in 1992. It has become the highest grossing film of all time at the box office in it's native country, Matt Day urges you to read on to discover why.

Bad Guy

Kim Ki-duk is one of South Korea's most extraordinary directors who continually makes films that focus on various aspects of society and infuses them with spiritual undertones. Kev reviews Bad Guy, from 2001 - released on DVD by Tartan on July 26th.

Bio Hunter

The fight against evil demons carries on within the anime horror genre. Released by MVM, Bio Hunter has two unveristy professors going after evil mutating monsters murdering women for food in Tokyo with a bit a twist. Whether or not it's groundbreaking stuff for anime fans is up to Iain Boulton who reviews the region two release.

The Station Agent

This charming comedy from director Tom McCarthy is worthy of the praise received during its festival and subsequent theatrical run, and is now available on a fine Region 1 DVD released through Buena Vista and reviewed here by Dave Foster.

The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury

Released in British cinemas next month, "The Chronicles of Riddick" will continue the story started by "Pitch Black", with Vin Diesel reprising his role as the intergalactic criminal. But before then, you'll be able to find out what really happened after "Pitch Black", with the animated follow-up "Dark Fury". D.J. Nock reviews the disc from Universal, released August 16th.

The Bone Snatcher

There's a dirty little bone thief who lives in the desert...

Black Sunday

Mike Sutton has reviewed the Region 1 release of John Frankenheimer's excellent and underrated thriller "Black Sunday", an exciting chase movie which has some sophisticated political overtones. The DVD is barebones but presents the film well.

Welcome to the Jungle

Matt Day has taken a look at Welcome to the Jungle, also known as The Rundown. It sees The Rock return to movies for the first time since The Scorpion King, and although it's difficult news to accept, it looks as if The Rock might have a future in action movies. Good ones too...

Garfield as Himself

As Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin And Hobbes, once said, "Uh...Garfield is.......consistent." Watching these three episodes, Watterson nailed the lack of appeal in those three words and a couple of long pauses...

Seven Blood Stained Orchids

Michael Mackenzie has reviewed the R1 USA release of Seven Blood Stained Orchids, yet another giallo from the 1970s, this one directed by Umberto Lenzi.

Millennium: The Complete First Season

Bex takes a look at the Region 1 release of the first series of Millennium and enjoys it greatly - you can read her review of this dark televisual treat from Chris Carter here.

Hatchet For The Honeymoon

Mike Sutton has reviewed the upcoming Anchor Bay UK release of Mario Bava's wildly entertaining "Hatchet For The Honeymoon", a Giallo with a difference. The DVD presents the film very well indeed and has some promising extra features, assuming the retail disc contains the right documentary...

Hellboy: 2-Disc Special Edition (R1)

UK audiences have been waiting for "Hellboy" since the American release last April. They're taking the mickey, that's for sure. To fill the gap, Columbia/Tri-Star present the film with its first DVD release, a two disc "Special Edition". Those with multi-region players are advised to take a look, as D.J. Nock reviews this highly praised film...

24 Season 3

Jack Bauer's string of bad days is about to continue as Fox release the highly anticapted season three DVD boxset of the real-time thriller drama 24 eagerly awaited by those who couldn't see it on Sky but now finally have the chance. Set three years after the events of a nuclear bomb from season two, Jack Bauer's back working for CTU and now he's trying to save L.A and the world from a deadly outbreak of a biological virus being unleashed by drug barons. But also on the minds of fans is President David Palmer's fate since the attempt on his life at the end of Day Two. Iain Boulton has the answers and opinons on Jack's third unlucky day on Region 2 DVD.


Released to buy on Monday through Premier Asia, this sporting biopic from Korean director TK Kwak (Friend) has much to offer in terms of technical quality and basic entertainment value, but doesn’t sit quite right with Dave Foster who reviews the two-disc special collector’s edition release.

The Man In The Glass Booth

Continuing a series of reviews of the American Film Theatre DVD releases, Noel Megahey reviews Arthur Hiller's adaptation of Robert Shaw's study of survivor's guilt as a Jewish millionnaire businessman is accused of actually being a former Nazi death camp commandant.

A Delicate Balance

Noel Megahey reviews the latest DVD release from the classic American Film Theatre series of filmed plays. Katherine Hepburn and Paul Scofield star in Tony Richardson's version of Edward Albee's Pulitzer Prize winning drama.

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