Review Archive: September 2003

Rurouni Kenshin (Volume 7: Shadow of the Wolf)

Bex has reviewed the Region 1 release of Rurouni Kenshin (Volume 7: Shadow of the Wolf) by Media Blasters. This seventh volume of an already enjoyable series also marks the beginning of a new and darker story storyline (the fan-fave 'Legend of Kyoto' arc) full of epic swordfights and Meiji era political intrigue.

El Mariachi / Desperado

To mark the UK release of Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Gary Couzens has updated his review of Columbia TriStar's Region 2 release of the first two films in Robert Rodriguez's trilogy. Two films on a double-sided disc, plus extras, was very good value when it was originally released. It's even more so now, when you can buy this at discount price.


Mike Sutton has reviewed the R0 release of George A. Romero's superb vampire film Martin. A disturbing and deeply moving study of a deeply troubled young man, this is probably Romero's most satisfying film and it's certainly one of his most personal. This Arrow DVD offers a good technical presentation of the film despite being rather light on extra features.

A Touch of Zen

Gary Couzens has reviewed A Touch of Zen, King Hu's martial arts epic from 1969, a film of considerable influence right up to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Given the film's stature, it's a strong candidate for a digital restoration and a special-edition release which it doesn't get in this non-anamorphic Region 2 disc from Optimum.

Dragon Lord

Dave Foster has reviewed the Hong Kong Legends Region 2 DVD release of Dragon Lord. An early directorial effort from Jackie Chan offers a look at the beginnings of his trademark action style on a disc that is not quite up to the standards we are used to from the team at HKL.

Morvern Callar

Eamonn McCusker has reviewed this breathtaking account of one person's disconnection from her peers as Morvern Callar breaks away from home in Scotland and her friends to find peace in the south of Spain.

The Day The World Ended

Eamonn McCusker has reviewed Roger Corman's first entry into the genres of sci-fi and horror, issued as part of a catalogue of releases from the Samuel Z Arkoff Film Library.

Trilogie Lucas Belvaux : Un Couple Épatant / Cavale / Après La Vie

One of the most fascinating and ambitious cinematic experiments since Kieslowski’s Three Colours trilogy - Lucas Belvaux’s 2002 trilogy of interlinking films – a comedy, a thriller and a melodrama – is available in a French Region 2 boxset with a superb set of extra features.

City of God - Cidade de Deus

Matt Day has reviewed the region 2 release of City of God, which is released today. This startling Brazilian film is certainly one of the best of the year, but have Miramax produced a DVD to match?


Gary Couzens has reviewed the Region 2 release of Clambake, another bland and forgettable Elvis vehicle. MGM's DVD has only the trailer for an extra, but picture and sound are good. Clambake was released on 15 September in the UK.

Bob Marley - The Legend - Live

Mark Boydell has reviewed the DVD of Bob Marley's 1979 performance at Santa Barbara's County Bowl which comes with a suprisingly large amount of extras and good image and sound.

Frankie and Johnny

Gary Couzens has reviewed the Region 2 release of Frankie and Johnny, a minor Elvis Presley vehicle from 1965. A basic disc is let down by a transfer that's non-anamorphic for no very good reason. Frankie and Johnny was released on 15 September.

The Lion King (Special Edition)

Dave Foster has taken an early look at the forthcoming Disney Region 2 DVD release of The Lion King. Treasured by many this film has been given the Two-Disc Special Edition treatment and does not disappoint as it looks astounding, sounds even better and delivers hours of bonus material for the whole family to enjoy.

Analyze That

Matt Day has reviewed this weeks release of Analyze That, the sequel to the Billy Crystal and Robert DeNiro hit comedy Analyze That.

Pepsi Silver Clef Concert

Eamonn McCusker has reviewed Sanctuary Visual Entertainment's DVD release of this year's concert at the Manchester Nynex Arena in aid of the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy charity.

Wonderful Days

Michael Mackenzie has reviewed the Korean Region 3 release of Wonderful Days, an intriguing but shallow film combining traditional animation, CGI and miniatures.

17 Fois Cécile Cassard

Noel Megahey has reviewed the French Region 2 release of 17 Fois Cécile Cassard, starring Béatrice Dalle as a woman who has lost her husband and her will to live.


Anthony Nield has reviewed the Region 2 release of Equilibrium. Much maligned on its theatrical showing, the criticism is likely to continue for its DVD release.

Dr. Jekyll versus the Werewolf

Anthony Nield has reviewed the Region 0 release of Euro-horror classic Dr. Jekyll versus the Werewolf. A truly bizarre, though wonderful film that's in desperate need of a bigger audience, Boum Productions wonderful transfer may very well do the trick.

The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

Mike Sutton has reviewed the Anchor Bay 25th Anniversary Special Edition of The Hills Have Eyes. A superb horror film, still very impressive and packed with great action and genuinely disturbing atmosphere. The DVD is an excellent package with very impressive picture restoration and an inspired collection of extra materials. Even better, this is now the full uncut version of the film with all previous BBFC cuts waived

Dancing at the Blue Iguana

Anthony Nield has reviewed the Region 2 release of Michael Radford's Dancing at the Blue Iguana. The result of a number of improvisational workshops, the film holds a certain fascination despite a number of apparent flaws.

The Truth About Charlie

Anthony Nield has reviewed the R2 disc of The Truth About Charlie, yet another example of Mark Wahlberg's continued desire to remake classic films in terrible ways. Whatever next, Wahlberg as Travis Bickle?!

Kiss Symphony

Kiss, the self-proclaimed "most outrageous band in the world" recorded a concert with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra earlier this year. Anthony Nield has reviewed the Region O release of Kiss Symphony, a two-disc DVD set that allows the home viewing public to experience the event.

National Security

Anthony Nield has reviewed the Region 2 release of National Security, one of the most distasteful American comedies of recent years.

In Cold Blood

Gary Couzens has reviewed the Region 2 release of In Cold Blood, Richard Brooks's excellent 1967 film of Truman Capote's book about a real-life multiple murder and its aftermath. Columbia's DVD, which was released on 15 September, has an excellent picture and good sound but minimal extras.

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